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  1. I have been seeing this for a while. I cannot find it in a Screaming Frog Crawl, sitemaps, or searching the page source. Some how Google is finding it. Some links look like the one below: https://sitename.com/category-page?%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5=&p=6?%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5%3Fp%3D5=&p=6 Others look like this: https://sitename.com/category-page?%2525252525253Fp%2525252525253D2=%3Fp%3D5 If I could find where the link is on my site I could do a better job of diagnosing the problem. Any ideas?
  2. Found it. About a month ago Chrome stopped displaying the "www." in the address bar for all sites. In an effort to go with the flow I removed the www. from everywhere. I did however forget to remove it from the originating url in the CDN control panel.
  3. Sorry for the duplicate, I don't see an option to delete it.
  4. I am using Stackpath for my cdn. After I upgraded to 1.1.0 all of my objects that are hosted on the cdn are returning a 301 redirect. I go to this hypothetical url: https://mysite.com/36817-home_default/myproduct.jpg Header looks like this: Request > GET /36817-home_default/myproduct.jpg HTTP/1.1 > Host: mysite-fuvvsqhiev3gat0u1l.stackpathdns.com > User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/42.0.2311.135 Safari/537.36 Edge/12.246 Response < HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently < Server: nginx < Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2019 01:01:55 GMT < Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 < Content-Length: 0 < Connection: keep-alive < X-Powered-By: PHP/7.0.33-0ubuntu0.16.04.7 < Location: https://mysite.com/36817-home_default/myproduct.jpg < Expires: Thu, 26 Dec 2019 01:01:55 GMT < Cache-Control: max-age=2592000 < Link: ; rel="canonical" < X-Cache: MISS Gtmetrix gives this response, and my Google page speed has dropped from a B+ to a C, while giving me a F rating in the "Minimize redirects" section. Remove the following redirect chain if possible: https://mysite-fuvvsqhiev3gat0u1l.stackpathdns.com/36817-home_default/myproduct.jpg https://mysite.com/36817-home_default/myproduct.jpg I am not sure if this is a problem with the cdn or with ThirtyBees. It did show up after I updated to 1.1.0. Thanks for any help!
  5. The account was not disabled from in the employee table. Thanks for you help. I was able reset the password using Lanthaneo's suggestion. I'll use Tramflug's debugging suggestion when I see it again, and report back here.
  6. This has been a reoccurring problem for us. I have a version of our TB build running on a staging server and one running on a dev machine. Our work flow consists of occasionally moving dumps of the database from staging to dev. Once the dump has been moved I update the tables in the dev db to the local url. Now I cannot log into the admin. I have tried the password recovery for the admin and it tells me "This account does not exist." I have checked the database and yes my email address is in there. I have checked that the settings.inc.php files match on staging and dev. I have cleared my cache and cookies. I have restarted the server. I have restarted chrome. I have tried it in incognito mode. This is happening on both staging and development. I suppose I could reset the pw through the database, but my biggest concern is why? Why does this keep happening? There must be something that I am missing. Thanks people!!!
  7. Thanks. However I've never loved any paypal solution that we've used.
  8. I started with a clean install of thirtybees and then imported just the tables we needed for customers, orders and products. I don't like the unneeded calls either. Speed has been a constant battle with prestashop so this is kind of a big deal. I applaud the drive of the community to make the best version of thirtybees. I'm excited to see where this goes. I would love to contribute to the betterment of the project. However right now I need to complete the move to thirtybees and get it launched. What about the presto-changeo module? Does that work? Is it clean and fairly bug free?
  9. We need to be able to accept PayPal on our site. I just discovered that the thirtybees PayPal module has a lot of problems. I have tried stable and beta versions, on our staging site. I'm not sure if the errors are related to it not being on domain that is associated with the account. What is the best Paypal option for a thritybees site? I don't care if I have to pay for it, just need paypal to work. Thanks everyone!
  10. Great thank you! Going to give the Transformer theme a try.
  11. Hi everyone, trying to rebuild my store using thirtybees. I am looking for a mega menu that would be compatible with thirtybees. Does anyone know of something that would work?
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