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  1. I am trying to add Google Adsense to my site. Part of the process is having your site "checked" by adding code into the html code source. See below. I tried to just add the code to the custom code box but it did not work. Where would I change it in Cpanel? I am using the latest version of ThirtyBees. Thanks in advance for any help. -Bob www.planetmagnets.com <html><head><script data-ad-client="ca-pub-1234567890123456" async src="https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"></script>This is the head of your page.<title>Example HTML page</title></head><body>This is the body of your page.</body></html>
  2. prophoto

    HTML Footer

    Good grief! My face is RED! I honestly thought I did it in HTML. (It must have been a different website.) THANK YOU!
  3. prophoto

    HTML Footer

    Thank you for your response. I changed the CCC as suggested. I went /themes/community-theme.default/footer.tpl but I did not see my "© Planet Magnets 2019" anywhere to edit. I KNOW I typed in it last time. Thoughts? Your help is GREATLY appreciated!
  4. prophoto

    HTML Footer

    Hello, I need to change the footer info on my website to 2020 (© Planet Magnets 2019). I remember doing this thru my CPanel, last year. I cannot for the life of me remember where I find this file to change the html. Any help? Thanks in advance. Bob
  5. I have attempted to install several modules using the "Add a new module button". I choose the zip file and click "upload this module" and nothing happens. The modules do not appear as being installed. Am I missing something??? Thanks. Bob
  6. I see that there is a payment module for Square available in the Thirty Bees store for $50. Has anyone purchased/used this module? If so... reviews? ease of installation? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Bob
  7. @purity That did the trick. THANKS!
  8. I have my website store all set-up. I have tested Paypal and it is working properly. The problem I have is that when a customer goes to check out, they get a "FORBIDDEN!" warning below the "choose Paypal" PLEASE help me correct this. ANYONE??? Thanks. Bob
  9. How can I remove the customer date of birth from the registration page? Please help. Thanks! -Bob
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