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  1. So, we have this product, "Aanmaken of configureren account", this is marked as visible nowhere. In catalog or search the product really isn't visible, but the block cross selling product does show this product in frontend. The product configuration: Block Cross Selling:
  2. There is something really strange going on with advanced stock management. When a product has combination, you cannot change the purchase price (wholesale price) or the stock management gets messed up. I will try to explain this with pictures: This is our testproduct with 4 combinations. Advanced stock management > TESPRO > Details Advanced stock management > TESPRO > Details after I add 1 item to stock Advanced stock management > TESPRO after I added 3 additional to stock with a different purchase price But when I open these details I only see 1: If I then say to remove stock I get to see this: So there are 3 @ €150 and 1 @ €200 € And when I check the productpage it does say there are 4 in stock:
  3. We have a store with multiple electronics products. We use the customization field to enter the unique serialnumber of the product so we can later display it on the customers invoice. (He needs it for waranty). But when I search for a product in the backoffice (order creation page) and multiple results show, also multiple customization options show. In the example (see pic) I searched for "Samsung Galaxy" and got a result of about 80 products, with a matching number of customization fields. Any ideas as to how I can fix this?
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