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  1. Hi datakick, Thanks for your answer, I just reported it !
  2. Hi all, I received a mail from Paygreen which tell me to upgrade the module to last version (v2.7.1) In BO, all seems ok, I can save product modification. But in front, when I click 'next' after choosing the delivery option, I have this error message: Argument 1 passed to PGDomainServicesManagersProductManager::isEligibleProduct() must be an instance of PGDomainInterfacesEntitiesProductInterface, null given, called in /home/mandcdhp/public_html/gigapc/modules/paygreen/bundles/PGDomain/Services/Managers/ButtonManager.php on line 128 in file modules/paygreen/bundles/PGDomain/Services/Managers/ProductManager.php at line 43 Source file: modules/paygreen/bundles/PGDomain/Services/Managers/ProductManager.php 24: * @package PGDomain\Services\Managers 25: * @method PGDomainInterfacesRepositoriesProductRepositoryInterface getRepository() 26: */ 27:class PGDomainServicesManagersProductManager extends PGFrameworkFoundationsAbstractManager 28:{ 29: /** 30: * @param int $id 31: * @return PGDomainInterfacesEntitiesProductInterface|null 32: */ 33: public function getByPrimary($id) 34: { 35: return $this->getRepository()->findByPrimary($id); 36: } 37: 38: /** 39: * @param PGDomainInterfacesEntitiesProductInterface $product 40: * @package string $type 41: * @return bool 42: */ 43: public function isEligibleProduct(PGDomainInterfacesEntitiesProductInterface $product, $type) 44: { 45: /** @var PGDomainServicesManagersCategoryHasPaymentTypeManager $categoryPaymentManager */ 46: $categoryPaymentManager = $this->getService('manager.category_has_payment_type'); 47: 48: /** @var PGDomainInterfacesEntitiesCategoryInterface[] $categories */ 49: $categories = $product->getCategories(); 50: 51: $is_eligible = false; 52: 53: /** @var PGDomainInterfacesEntitiesCategoryInterface $category */ Of course, if I uninstall the Paygreen module, I can go next to payment option. What can I do please ? Kind regards, Pilou v2.7.1-paygreen.zip
  3. Once again, you are the best ! Thanks you Petr 😉
  4. Hey @datakick Paygreen updated their module to v2.6.3 and the same problem came back... (can't save product modification). I modified the file /modules/paygreen/bundles/PGFramework/Services/Autoloader.php as you mentionned before and it works. But I hope I do not make mistakes, so I attached the module to this post. If you have time to take a look at it 😉 Kind regards v2.6.3-paygreen.zip
  5. YES ! It seems to work. You're great Petr, thanks a lot. 🙂
  6. Hi Petr, Thank you very much for your professional opinion. Not being able to solve this bug alone, I will wait patiently for the reaction of Paygreen.
  7. Hey Petr, Thank you for your answer. Here is the paygreen Module paygreen-prestashop-2.5.5.zip
  8. Ok, quickly find... After installing Tb, it was ok, I can save products. Same after installing my theme. Then installed payment modules, first Mollie, Ok, I can save products. Second was Paygreen module (Ps module v2.5.5), once installed, impossible to save products... I disabled it, no change. I uninstalled it, then I can save products. I reinstalled it, and ... impossible to save products. In Chrome console, I can see that: https://i.imgur.com/XQ9nntH.jpg If I try to click on error lines and open it in another tab, it display the page but without admin theme (as old html page). If a good guy have an idea, I will be very happy
  9. Thanks Slick_303, I wiill do backups 😉
  10. You're right. I'm going to test a fresh install of Tb, install the theme I use and at last install the few modules I use, and may be I can reproduce the problem.
  11. Hello Mark, I thought like you, but I see that many founders have already left the ship. I am still in the testing phase, but I hesitate more and more to take the step...
  12. Pilou


    Thanks for your answer.
  13. Pilou


    Nobody ? 😐
  14. On Ps, I think it was customer favorite products.
  15. Pilou


    Hi, Has anyone ever tested the app PresMobic ? It seems to be a module that create an web app for mobile access to your shop. https://presmobic.com/ Ok, it's for Ps but I think it can also work with Tb.
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