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  1. Once again, you are the best ! Thanks you Petr 😉
  2. Hey @datakick Paygreen updated their module to v2.6.3 and the same problem came back... (can't save product modification). I modified the file /modules/paygreen/bundles/PGFramework/Services/Autoloader.php as you mentionned before and it works. But I hope I do not make mistakes, so I attached the module to this post. If you have time to take a look at it 😉 Kind regards v2.6.3-paygreen.zip
  3. YES ! It seems to work. You're great Petr, thanks a lot. 🙂
  4. Hi Petr, Thank you very much for your professional opinion. Not being able to solve this bug alone, I will wait patiently for the reaction of Paygreen.
  5. Hey Petr, Thank you for your answer. Here is the paygreen Module paygreen-prestashop-2.5.5.zip
  6. Ok, quickly find... After installing Tb, it was ok, I can save products. Same after installing my theme. Then installed payment modules, first Mollie, Ok, I can save products. Second was Paygreen module (Ps module v2.5.5), once installed, impossible to save products... I disabled it, no change. I uninstalled it, then I can save products. I reinstalled it, and ... impossible to save products. In Chrome console, I can see that: https://i.imgur.com/XQ9nntH.jpg If I try to click on error lines and open it in another tab, it display the page but without admin theme (as old html page). If a good guy have an idea, I will be very happy
  7. Thanks Slick_303, I wiill do backups 😉
  8. You're right. I'm going to test a fresh install of Tb, install the theme I use and at last install the few modules I use, and may be I can reproduce the problem.
  9. Hello Mark, I thought like you, but I see that many founders have already left the ship. I am still in the testing phase, but I hesitate more and more to take the step...
  10. Pilou


    Thanks for your answer.
  11. Pilou


    Nobody ? 😐
  12. On Ps, I think it was customer favorite products.
  13. Pilou


    Hi, Has anyone ever tested the app PresMobic ? It seems to be a module that create an web app for mobile access to your shop. https://presmobic.com/ Ok, it's for Ps but I think it can also work with Tb.
  14. Hi Slick_303, Thanks for your answer. I just did the update and it seems to work better. Edited 5 products and 4 were ok to save and for one only, I needed to push F5 two or three times to access the 'save' button. May be you're right about the server, but my prestashop run on the same one and it's ok. Thanks again all 😉
  15. Ok, I will check this, thank you datakick.
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