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  1. @datakick said in Can't select category root in multistore: @exuraz I can't see column is_root_category in the screenshot. Please ensure that it has 1 for your Home category (id 2). If not, fix it. Damn. That did it. Thanks!
  2. @doclucas said in Can't select category root in multistore: @Traumflug (a moderator and developer of TB) earlier gently responded to your other (multistore issue) thread and recommended that you migrate to TB. Rest assured TB code base is much better than PS 1.6 (and so is the community & management) and you will get much more positive response here if and when you have any issue with it than when keeping on posting issues with a competing shopping cart, even if TB is based on that cart. Fair point. Of course I am taking it into consideration. But I can't just switch in one day. I need to convince my customer, as he will have to pay for it. But hey, I get that this is a Thirty Bees forum and not a Prestashop forum. So I'll look into migrating a PS test environment to TB and see if the issue persists there. I'm sorry if my Prestashop related questions have offended anyone. I'm just looking for a good community, and I figured it'd not be a big problem since PS and TB have the same codebase.
  3. Hi, I'm on Prestashop (although the shop didn't start out on that version, it has likely been updated multiple times) and I'm trying to set up a multistore environment. The category hierarchy is as follows: Root > Home > Other categories. When creating a new multistore store I need to select a 'Category root'. My only option here is to select 'Root'. When trying to submit this, it gives an error that I need to select at least one root category. For the default shop, the category root is 'Home'. I am guessing this is what has to be selected rather than 'Root', but the option is not there. I tested this theory on a fresh installation with only sample data and there it does work, with the category root option being 'Home' instead of 'Root'. A screenshot of what it looks like: https://imgur.com/wqOTEp7 And here are screenshots of some of the database tables regarding categories: https://imgur.com/a/tT3RGJk What can I do to fix this? It seems like something messed up inbetween updates, since a fresh installation works properly.
  4. @wakabayashi said in Multistore not working?: Yes you are right: multistore is the thing to use. To your concret problem: did you check cache? Oh crap that might have actually been it. It appears to be working now. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I'm currently running Prestashop instead of Thirtybees, but given the fact that it's a fork of PS 1.6 and I heard the community is much better here than at Prestashop, I thought I'd give it a try. Might migrate to Thirtybees in the future if it turns out to be better :) I'm tinkering with multistore. On a shop with demo products (the clothing stuff), I tried making a second store which shares the same root category and products. Then I unselected the 'dresses' category, hoping only 'tops' would show in the frontoffice. Suprisingly, they still show up as 'New arrivals', 'Bestsellers', 'Specials' on the home page, and in the 'New arrivals' column on the producut pages. I tried deleting all the 'dresses' products from that store. Still, they show up in the aforementioned places. If I click one of them, it says the product does not exist. I'm clueless as to which a shop like this would still refer to non-existing products. My final goal is to have a main store with all categories, and then create sub-stores that each have only one category. Products added to the main store should automaticaly show up in the sub-stores, depending on the category. Amounts should be shared. Can anyone help me in this situation? Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.. I mean, what I want to achieve is the purpose of multistore, right? It can't be something very special that I want to achieve..
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