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  1. Yeah, I have a clean install I hadn't done much with other then change some images and the site info. Have been keeping that and working with a copy of it so I don't have to install over and over again. It's a shame since the features they offer with making copies of apps etc is really great. Also the pricing is good. If you can find something similar easy to manage it would be great. Most small merchants have anyways too much to do already and don't need to become SysAdmins too.
  2. I started recently to test ThirtyBees on Cloudways and when I wanted to install another copy today for some tests I couldn't find the 1-click install in the list. After investigating with online support from Cloudways I was told that the 1-click installation is not available and that ThirtyBees needs to be installed manually. The support agent needed more than 30 minutes to come up with that information and in general didn't seem very informed. Can anyone confirm if Cloudways has dropped ThirtyBees or if this is just a temporal issue? Thanks
  3. We have at the moment PS 1.6.x and are in the planning stages of moving to TB. We're looking for technical assistance, someone with a good all-round knowledge of the e-commerce stack to assist. This is not a complete project but just helping in certain tasks, e.g integrations or fixing modules and theme related bugs. We're on a tight budget but would like someone who wants to grow with us. Possible follow up projects. Please write to info[@]petplaza.com.do
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