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  1. Uiteraard, maar ik moet een nieuwe id aanmaken voor die 9% btw, ik kan uiteraard die oude ID aanpassen qua percentage, maar dan kloppen de oude orders niet meer...
  2. Dat begrijp ik, maar ik zal ook de btw-regel bij het product moeten aanpassen. Heb je mogelijk een standaard SQL query waarmee ik dat in een keer kan doen ?
  3. Wat is de beste manier om de BTW van 6% naar 9% aan te passen ? Kan ik dat het beste rechtstreeks in de database doen, moet ik daarbij rekening houden met een eventuele prijs exclusief BTW ?
  4. I contacted the module builders : They think this code (from their script) causes the problem : validateOrder does make a validation which is "Paid" and later it is changed by their script to "Pending" At first they told me the function validateOrder had to be changed in the core-files from TB to solve this problem ! ? After letting them know that i can't imagine that, they think they have to re-write their code... Part of the code : public function execPayment($cart) { // Save order in backend $iOrderState = 1000; // Awaiting payment $this->validateOrder($cart->id, $iOrderState, $cart->getOrderTotal(true, 3), $this->displayName, 'Betaling wordt gestart', array(), false, false, $cart->secure_key); $iOrderId = $this->currentOrder; $oOrder = new Order($iOrderId); For myself i don't anything "strange" which can cause the problem ?
  5. I use the iDeal module from https://www.ideal-checkout.nl/ for The Rabobank Omnikassa version 2 When the customer is forwarded to the payment gateway, and do nothing there, the customer gets an order confirmation in his email ? I see in the scripts that the status "PENDING" is id=1000 In the Admin is see that nothing happens with this ; no checkbox is selected in the Admin, but still the customer gets an order confirmation in his mail, like the order was paid. After leaving the payment gateway, the customer gets an email that the order was cancelled. It's strange : before i thought it's something in the module, but when the customer goes into the payment gateway, he gets the order confirmation email ( when he didn't finish any payment ! ) and when i look in the backoffice at the same time, the order status is "awaiting payment"
  6. I use the Panda Theme, with a left column in the left column i use the Block Categories v3.0.1 from ThirtyBees and i want to change the font type and size, but it seems that i can't do this with the Theme editor from the Panda Theme. Where or how can i change the font type and size of this Block Categories v3.0.1 ?
  7. Here also Panda : great theme and excellent support !
  8. @Araz Thanks for the update and yours excellent support, the module works perfect now ! :)
  9. cdwebman

    Dashboard - online visitors / shopping carts

    Thanks ! But it's a little bit strange : the displayed orders there are real orders ( from the old webshop ) It would be nice if the dashboard shows : DEMO Mode as a warning. But the "problem" is solved, and quickly as Always on TB :)
  10. On a test shop, where the root directory is password protected, i see at the Dashboard : Online visitors : 18 Online shopping carts : 2 in the last 30 minutes When i do a refresh with the refresh symbol it shows 10 visitors - 1 shoppingcart This while only 2 people, (the webmaster and myself ) have the password to visit the shop !
  11. @haylau Yes, it might look complex, but this is all ! :) I think now you see it clear, and you won't have to worry. :) Of course : before deleting the PrestaShop files, make sure you have a backup from the PS webshop, if anything goes wrong, you can always go back !
  12. That's exactly what i do, but i wrote it more detailed and described also more possibilities. But haylau thinks that the module, send (after the test-shop is finished) all files and data back to the Original shop url, and that's not how it works. Replacing is MANUAL work, and doesn't go automatic by that migrationpro module.
  13. I'm not 100% sure if we are talking about the same module ? I used : https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/8934-migrationpro-prestashop-upgrade-and-migrate-tool.html and Lesley mentioned : https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/administration/migrationpro-migrate-from-prestashop-to-thirty-bees-migration-tool If it's the same module, better buy it at Thirty Bees, because it's 10$ more cheap than buy it on addons PrestaShop.... !
  14. I do it this way : I use Direct Admin, and create on a second server an user with the same name, and same website as on server 1 where the PrestaShop is live With FTP i upload all files from TB For the domain website.com i create an ALIAS with the name : web-testsite.com I install everything in the URL with web-testsite.com and migrate all data with MigrationPro There i am building the shop, and adjust everything what my customer wants. When building the shop is finish, i want to use MigrationPro again, and import everything from the old PrestaShop to the new TB shop. After that, i can change the DNS to server2, and in the config files and table from Thirty Bees, i change the url to from web-testsite.com to website.com In my specific case now i want the new TB shop back on the Original server, so i don't change the DNS, but do an Admin backup on server2 from the new TB shop. on the Original server ( Server1) i delete all directory and database content, and do a restore from the Admin backup from server2 After that change the config and table from TB from web-testsite.com to website.com In yours example there are 2 solutions : 1. You can change in the apache config file the Root Directory for website.com to the rootdirectory from your test-url ( 30bees.website.com ) and change the config file and table from TB for the url change. 2. You can delete all files in website.com and move or FTP the new TB files to website.com and import the database to website.com Also change the config file and url in the Thirty Bees table from 30bees.website.com tot website.com After this, you might have to clear the Cache in TB ?? The "bug" in MigrationPro is still there, and breaks some other things in TB, but you can run the migration, and after the migration just delete that directory in /modules and than everything keeps work fine. if you need MigrationPro again, just FTP the files back. but i hope MigrationPro will fix this soon... p.s. I also wanted an clean install because it's a migration from PrestaShop 1.4.6 and i didn't like to update that to PS 1.6 also ik like clean installs more :)
  15. https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/2206/fatal-error-call-to-undefined-method-logger-addlog-in-home-shopboot-domains-boottrailers-nl-public_html-boot-classes-controller-admincontroller-php-on-line-1336/18