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  1. For a customer i need a DHL module, found this post on the forum, but the module seems no longer to exist ??? Where i can find this module ?
  2. On my clients webshop we have a large block categories menu-structure, it's very usefull for the visitors, but according to Google Pagespeed insight we have too many Dom elements ( 4.258 elements ) Off course i can set the configuration to only show 1 or 2 levels deep, but for the visitors it's more easy to keep it like this. What i like to see, is that this categorie menustructure get loaded by AJAX scripting, the best would be at first visit : load the head-menustructure and sublevel 1 after opening sublevel 1, already load the sublevels 2 so there will not be any delay when the visitor opens sublevel 2, because of the ajax script loading. When open sublevel 2,. the ajax script has to load sublevel 3 in forehand etc.. ( Also it would be nice, if the sublevels which are loaded by ajax, uses a Cache file for these sub-levels, so there isn't a MySQL query needed. ) I want this for improvement for the SEO results. I can't find any module which do what i describe above, but maybe it can be a nice suggestion for improvement of the Thirty Bees core ? If somebody has already a good solution for what i describe above, please let me know....
  3. The load time is in my test version about the same, but the First Byte time is slower than on the Prestashop 1.06 with that Page Cache module. That's why i wish a good Caching module, not only to improve the First Byte time, but also to make the TB shop more quick than ever before ! ;-)
  4. "Right. FPC is fixed in upcoming version, but if you are on 1.0.8 it's not recommended to use. " I read on the TB forum that this FPC has very low priority, so will it be available in the 1.09 version, or do we have to expect a longer waiting time ? But the conclusion at this moment is, that i can't do anything to speed up the webshop more ? While i have to admit that changing the PHP version to 7.1 did gain some loadtime ! :) When the FPC is save to use, what option will be the best : APC ( or will APCu also be an option for TB ? ) - Memcache or Redis I like to know this now before ordering the VPS server :)
  5. AS i read on the forum from TB, it's not "save" to use the build in "Full Page Cache " ? But i do want the speed back what we have before with the external module Page Cache which isn't compatible with TB... As i now understand, whatever i use ( Memcache, APC or Redis ) doesn't do anything without using the FPC from TB ! ?? So i don't win any speed with SSC ? > Of course, there may be some third party modules that uses SSC as well, but I would bet you don't have such module installed Do you mean third party modules for TB, or whatever extension module for the server ? If for TB : can youn tell me what is available ? If for the server : we are planning to get the new shop running at a new VPS, so the administrator can install anything needed.
  6. I am migrating a Prestashop to TB 1.08 , but i miss the module Page Cache (we used it at PS 1.6 ) , which isn't compatible with TB. I want to use the option : "Server Side Caching" in TB but wonder which is the best one to choose to speed up the webshop. There are the following options : Memcache via PHP::Memcache (you must install the Memcache PECL extension) Memcached via PHP::Memcached (you must install the Memcached PECL extension) APC (you must install the APC PECL extension) redis (you must install the redis extension) I understand the server need to support that caching option, but i want to ask the server administrator to install the needed extension. I want to speed up the webshop for all visitors, so for guest, logged in users etc, but also for SEO, but it must be save so that logged in customers not will see someones others shopping cart or anything like this !
  7. I am migration a Prestashop 1.6 to Thirty Bees, which seems to have no problem, also the layout looks good with the used Prestashop 1.6 theme :) When testing, there's a problem with the categories, when i click a category link, i get an 404 error message. In SEO and URL's my category_rule is : {meta_title}_{id} But i get an error message : ** Keyword "{rewrite}" required for route "category_rule" (rule: "{meta_title}_{id}") ** I dont't want to change that route, because all product categories URL's will be changed ! Why can't i use "{meta_title}_{id}" in Thirty Bees, while this do work in PrestaShop 1.6 !???
  8. Uiteraard, maar ik moet een nieuwe id aanmaken voor die 9% btw, ik kan uiteraard die oude ID aanpassen qua percentage, maar dan kloppen de oude orders niet meer...
  9. Dat begrijp ik, maar ik zal ook de btw-regel bij het product moeten aanpassen. Heb je mogelijk een standaard SQL query waarmee ik dat in een keer kan doen ?
  10. Wat is de beste manier om de BTW van 6% naar 9% aan te passen ? Kan ik dat het beste rechtstreeks in de database doen, moet ik daarbij rekening houden met een eventuele prijs exclusief BTW ?
  11. I contacted the module builders : They think this code (from their script) causes the problem : validateOrder does make a validation which is "Paid" and later it is changed by their script to "Pending" At first they told me the function validateOrder had to be changed in the core-files from TB to solve this problem ! ? After letting them know that i can't imagine that, they think they have to re-write their code... Part of the code : public function execPayment($cart) { // Save order in backend $iOrderState = 1000; // Awaiting payment $this->validateOrder($cart->id, $iOrderState, $cart->getOrderTotal(true, 3), $this->displayName, 'Betaling wordt gestart', array(), false, false, $cart->secure_key); $iOrderId = $this->currentOrder; $oOrder = new Order($iOrderId); For myself i don't anything "strange" which can cause the problem ?
  12. I use the iDeal module from https://www.ideal-checkout.nl/ for The Rabobank Omnikassa version 2 When the customer is forwarded to the payment gateway, and do nothing there, the customer gets an order confirmation in his email ? I see in the scripts that the status "PENDING" is id=1000 In the Admin is see that nothing happens with this ; no checkbox is selected in the Admin, but still the customer gets an order confirmation in his mail, like the order was paid. After leaving the payment gateway, the customer gets an email that the order was cancelled. It's strange : before i thought it's something in the module, but when the customer goes into the payment gateway, he gets the order confirmation email ( when he didn't finish any payment ! ) and when i look in the backoffice at the same time, the order status is "awaiting payment"
  13. I use the Panda Theme, with a left column in the left column i use the Block Categories v3.0.1 from ThirtyBees and i want to change the font type and size, but it seems that i can't do this with the Theme editor from the Panda Theme. Where or how can i change the font type and size of this Block Categories v3.0.1 ?
  14. @Araz Thanks for the update and yours excellent support, the module works perfect now ! :)
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