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  1. I'm trying to make a prestashop module that auto-send a E-mail to customer. I'm runnnig this php class:![0_1540211208911_a8375250-28cb-43bb-a116-601315573328-afbeelding.png](/assets/uploads/files/710/1540211209893a8375250-28cb-43bb-a116-601315573328-afbeelding.png) When I do so i get the error: **Socket Error # 11001 Host not found.** The smtp_port is set on 25. I need your help!
  2. The thing that i need is the, Firstname, Lastname and Email of the customer who purchased the product with reference 1800 and 1898. before 2018-05-18. ![0_1539181773908_ps_product.JPG](/assets/uploads/files/710/1539181774745ps_product.jpg) ![0_1539181759741_ps_customer table.JPG](/assets/uploads/files/710/1539181760407ps_customer-table.jpg) I have tried this query: select ps_customer.firstname, lastname , email from ps_customer inner join ps_product where ps_product.reference in (1800,1898) and ps_product.date_add >= 2018-05-18 but that gives just all the information of ALL customers back and that's not what i want. Pleasse help my!