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  1. I have not, as of now. Does changing PHP versions break anything on my site?
  2. I can't seem to edit my post somehow. But I'm using PHP 7.2 And another question: Can I change the PHP version on my hosting account without causing problems with my website?
  3. Hi, When I try to login as a customer I get this error: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS When I enable dev mode I get: [Debug] This page has movedPlease use the following URL instead: http://myurl/nl/login?back=my-account My settings in the performance tab: Force recompilation Cache off (I have cleared it though) TB 1.0.7 Panda theme Does anyone know what the problem could be?
  4. Hi, I have added a custom bool field to products and it properly displays if it is true or false in the back office. But as the title says, I now need to edit it so it can switch between true and false. I've already added it in db, classes/Product.php, and controllers/AdminProductsController.php. I probably need something in AdminProductsController.php but don't know what it is. Thanks in advance.
  5. As you can see, I have to scroll down to see the whole picture in the IosSlider. I want to see the whole picture without scrolling down. I already tried changing the height of the slider but that cuts the picture. So my idea was changing the width of the slider, then change the height to make the whole picture visible, without cutting it out. It this possible? If I do it that way it scales properly.
  6. Okay will do. I have another question, how can I change the width of the IosSlider? Thanks!
  7. Like this demo/documentation? I want to have a menu with submenu links underneath it. How can I achieve that? I have tried using the megamenu module but I could only add some text to that menu. Thanks!
  8. My footer is now aligned like this: So the sub-links are too much to the left under 'contact' and not alingned correctly under 'Mijn Account'.
  9. XAMMP gives me an access denied when I put the phpinfo file in the /classes directory.
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