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  1. Hi, I have just migrated my website from PS1.6.1.24 to TB 1.08, everything looked okay and I was prompted after the migtration that several modules needed to be updated. I tried to view the FO and was met with error 500. I carried out the required updatesm thinking this was the problem. but still error 500 on FO. I turned on debug and this high lighted the Google Analytics module as the problem. I have the latest Google Analytics 3.3.5 and Google Analytics API v3.0.1, but I have the API module disabled, so this is not the problem. I have searched on the forum amd this error has occured for other users. If I disable the module, the site works fine and there doesn't appear to be any other issues. I'm not using the default PS theme, but without the module enabled it all seems fine. Can anybody help please? Thank you ScooterCK Here is the debug report [ThirtyBeesException] Call to a member function isRegisteredInHook() on boolean at line 733 in file modules/ganalytics/ganalytics.php 728. { 729. 730. if (Module::isEnabled($name)) { 731. $module = Module::getInstanceByName($name); 732. 733. return $module->isRegisteredInHook('home'); 734. } else { 735. return false; 736. } 737. } 738. Ganalytics->isModuleEnabled - [line 708 - modules/ganalytics/ganalytics.php] - [1 Arguments] Ganalytics->hookHome - [line 776 - classes/Hook.php] - [1 Arguments] HookCore::coreCallHook - [line 486 - classes/Hook.php] - [3 Arguments] HookCore::execWithoutCache - [line 288 - classes/Hook.php] - [7 Arguments] HookCore::exec - [line 416 - override/classes/Hook.php] - [7 Arguments] Hook::exec - [line 58 - controllers/front/IndexController.php] - [1 Arguments] IndexControllerCore->initContent - [line 82 - override/classes/controller/FrontController.php] FrontController->run - [line 837 - classes/Dispatcher.php] DispatcherCore->dispatch - [line 33 - index.php]
  2. No - I use a hosting company called One.com (Avoid them !!!) I have been with them for 10 years and after speaking to them today, it became clear that the problems I have are due to a timeout error. Their servers are set with a maximum_execution set at 50, not the 300 recommend by TB. I have spent all evening installing XAMMP Web Server onto my laptop, Installed a backup of my domain and the sql and guess what the TB upgrader has worked 1st time. I cannot believe that they wouldn't even change the server setting temporarily to allow me to update - Disgusting to say I have been with them for the time I have ! So I recommend users to AVOID One.com - for people looking for a Hosting company to run a TB domain or have a Domain already and have this error. Check with your hosting company what your maximum_execution timeout is set to (if you cannot alter this setup yourself), if below the recommended 300 by TB, thats your problem. Respect :)
  3. But I cannot even update from a virgin PS install to TB, so its not a module. I've even disabled non native modules on the live site that I'm trying to migrate to TB and the same. I have spent hours on the phone to the hosting company and they state the error may be due to a timeout error, but are unhelpful and will not extend the execution_timeout to 300, the servers are set at 50. Thats why I was hoping a TB guru could confirm if this the problem? respect :)
  4. colorful-ant - of course that was the first thing i did and if you read the other posts, there are no solutions, just people asking for the same help as myself. I would love to migrate to TB, but jjst get this error and my PS domain has been established for over 5 years collectively, so cannot just start from scratch, I need to migrate the site over. Can anybody help please ?? Respect Scooterck
  5. Hi, Can anybody please help me, I have spent the entire evening trying to upgrade from PS to TB 1.07 using the latest TB updater. The process starts and after downloading TB and then extracting it stops with an error Ajax / Server Error for action unzip] textStatus: "error " errorThrown:" "jqXHR: " " ** Note ** I have just spoken with One.com (my hosting company), they only give a PHP max execution time of 50, not the recommended 300. Is the error due to a timeout?? Please can anybody help me resolve this ??? Full respect Scooterck
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