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  1. I don't know what you mean by server mail -- I am not running my own mail server but rather the email is handled by Office365. I enter the Office365 settings and press send a test email -- everything works fine. I then leave the settings area and do anything in the store and when I return to the email settings they have changed from using SMTP to using php mail. This is not an issue with my email server. The problem is with the store and for some reason it will not change the settings of how the store handles email permanently. My assumption is that the email works fine when I change the settings because the store is using the settings that I just set. When I leave that page and return the store pulls the settings from the database and they are the wrong settings. As such what is broken is the Save button in the email settings page of by thirtybees store. Since this doesn't seem to be a common problem I have to assume it is something wrong with my store -- possibly some kind of corruption occurred that makes it so tat whatever table the email settings are saved in either is missing or corrupted. What I am hoping to do this weekend is to manually change the setting in the database. The actual sending of email mechanism works fine as long as the settings were just entered. The problem is the store lacks email setting permanence. What I need from either support or someone in the community is some direction on the structure of the thirtybees database -- basically what table is the email settings stored in and anything else I might need to know. Rather than trying to figure out why changing the settings is not resulting in the changes being permanent I figured this isn't a setting that needs to be changed often so I'm just going to try to do it manually.
  2. I asked this in Technical Help last week and got no responses so maybe get something here, I can't set my store to use SMTP email -- when I set it and send a test email it works and no matter how many times I press save when I come back the settings have changed to php mail(). If I could get it to stay SMTP I think that would fix the issue since the test email works but I can't -- can someone tell me why? Since I can't get 30 Bees to change this setting I was thinking that I could manually edit the database to change the setting. Can someone tell me what the value and where in the database this setting is saved.
  3. I'm having issues with emails -- if I go to Advanced Parameters -- > Email and select Set my own SMTP parameters and press save then leave the page and return it has reverted to Use PHP's mail() function. No matter who many times I change it to Set My Own it will not stay set. Can someone tell me why?
  4. Naldinho


    I just migrated a day ago so I'm new here and don't know much about the dynamics of either the company or the community but I do recognize the sentiment expressed by datakick. When working on a project-- even if it is something you enjoy and something you believe in-- if there are benefits and they are not being distributed commensurate to the value each person brings to the project then the people who are doing the most are going to start to feel resentment. It is perfectly normal. The only way I'd expect for this to be fixable-- in a form that would be stable going forward-- is to offer equity in the company to the people who contribute value. People need to have skin in the game to feel like everyone is rowing as a team. This particular situation is complicated by the fact that the lead organizer has been MIA since announcing what sounded like a very serious medical issue. That is a very sensitive issue and it brings to the surface what I see as the original problem in that there really is no governance structure -- there are two members of the llc and from reading this thread I don't think anyone can name who the second person is. My guess is that when this fork happened the people who broke away from PS were online friends/acquaintances so the focus was on getting the project going rather than the boring legal stuff. In my experience that always ends badly. As a final comment as someone who just migrated I have no regrets -- TB works and it will continue to work for much longer than it is reasonable to not expect to have to redo an e-commerce site. As a product I have no issue both using and recommending TB. As a project though having it out there that the ship is stalled and adrift is something that is time sensitive so if it is going to be resolved then should be resolved quickly.
  5. Thanks found a bunch -- I had a typo in my original search (tsl rather than tls) so nothing came up.
  6. Under Check Your Configuration it says: Install TLS v1.2 support on your server. Test result: fail What does this mean? My original thought was that I needed to ensure that I was using TSL 1.2 so I ran SSL Server Test and TSL 1.2 is the only one with yes in Protocols so I don't know what the TB warning wants.
  7. This is a minor problem so I am only asking because unexpected behaviour is always a concern but it doesn't actually interfere with my ability to use TB The filter in the backoffice for modules typically doesn't work. It works occasionally but most of the time I just get all the modules even when I clock on say Shipping Modules This was also the case before migrating.
  8. Solved it. In case anyone ends up here by searching for the same issue. The image files get deleted so if you backed up your site before migration by downloading the entire public_html directory then all you need to do is upload the images back to their modules -- in my case themeconfig, homeslider, and blockstore. If you don't know what module you're looking for just go to modules on the local copy and search for .png Once you see the missing image right click and open in location will give you the name of the module. Then just use ftp to replace the image on the server ensuring that it had the right owner and permissions.
  9. Actually there is one small issue I'm having -- front page loads fine on my computer but tried to access it from a different computer and some images are missing. Works fine on my computer unless I use the browser incognito mode then they are missing I have the default PrestaShop theme and the slider pictures are all gone and just the alt text for them slides. Also images from the theme configuration that go on the front page also missing. Also one picture in a different module also missing. I've tried disable and re-enable the module + disabled all the cache features + cleared cache + regenerated thumbnails for images. None of that helped. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  10. Thank you for all the help -- migration involved zero hassles I did get one error SQL 1064 in INSERT INTO `ps_configuration`(`name`, `value`, `date_add`, `date_upd`) SELECT 'TB_MAIL_SUBJECT_TEMPLATE', '[{shop_name}] {subject}', NOW(), NOW() WHERE ( SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `ps_configuration` WHERE `name` = 'TB_MAIL_SUBJECT_TEMPLATE' ) = 0: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE ( SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `ps_configuration` WHERE `name` = 'TB_M' at line 3 but the store seems to be working fine so I don't think it was something critical. I do have an issue that pretty urls doesn't work but that issue was present before migration. I moved the PrestaShop store to a new server as part of the update process and I believe I must have made an error with Apache configuration that is preventing redirects. That is on me and has zero to do with migration. Migration was ridiculously easy and I look forward to building a better store on 30 Bees
  11. Thank you. I'll be migrating in the next day or two.
  12. I have a PrestaShop site -- it has various things that have stopped working over the years. Mostly backoffice stuff. My question is will the 30 Bees migration basically install a clean version of 30 Bees and then just import the data the PS shop? My understanding is that 30 Bees is a fork of PS so I'm concerned that if migration does not completely replace everything from the old PS shop that the problems we have currently will just follow us to 30 Bees. Can someone give me any direction on this?
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