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  1. @Traumflug thx for the suggestion but nothing jumped out there as well
  2. @lesley @the-rampage-rado Thanks for the suggestions. Not sure why (in chrome?) there are still error lines visible as I have set the error reporting back to "false" so go figure (doesn't see to be the case in explorer for some reason). have emptied the server "cache" folder have disabled all of the "cache" settings in the backend "performance" settings Still no sigar so think this is something out of my league and time to have somebody professional take a look at it. Will report back when I find out what the cause was. Thx again for your help.
  3. Migrated shop to ThirtyBees and everything seems to be working fine with the exception the shopping cart. After clicking the "Add to cart" button and closing the popup with the message "Item succesfully added to cart", nothing is actually added to the cart. Is this something anybody else has had similar experience with? Any help or suggestions are much appreciated. Website URL: qiherbs.com
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