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  1. Hi We have just installed "warehouse" theme. After installing and updating TB, there is no delivery compagny logos on check out. The images are there all right i back end. Someone know what to do? Thanks Bo
  2. Hi Veganline Got it working. Thanks for your answer. I set the quality of the jpeg images to 80 instead of 90 and regenerated and wupti. Bo
  3. Hi I´m getting an error in back end when I try to edit a image after update from 1.1 to 1.2. I have attached a screenshot. Also some of my images dont show up in front end. Any ideas of what to do? Thanks in advance. Bo
  4. bomas

    Zoom on product

    The zoom function dont work. Nothing happens when I set the function. The lightbox works all right. Someone know what to do? Bo
  5. bomas


    Thanks. I have installed. Looking for the effect
  6. bomas


    Someone know a firewall module to keep the spammers out and the google bots in?
  7. bomas


    Where to get this file, to be able to block a contry via geolocation. The link is dead. https://geolite.maxmind.com/download/geoip/database/GeoLiteCity.dat.gz Bo
  8. bomas


    Wondering who they are? Guests from all over the world- Singapore, USA, Germany, Russia and a lot of other places. My site is danish, selling carpets. Could someone tell me who they are? Bo
  9. bomas

    Site down

    Honestly, I dont know. It was a server problem of a kind.
  10. bomas

    Site down

    Just found out that its a server problem. Will be fixed soon yhey said
  11. bomas

    Site down

    Cannot acces admin and frontpage
  12. bomas

    Site down

    Link to database cannot be established: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1040] Too many connections Cannot asses site. Someone know what to do? Urgent!!
  13. bomas

    Search Module

    Do you remember to update the search index? Preferences>Search
  14. bomas

    Check out module

    Thanks. I might try that.
  15. bomas

    Check out module

    Need an advice on a better check out module than the one who is comming with the default theme?
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