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  1. What need edit to work? Theme is warehouse
  2. When try to open modules give me error 500 Declaration of MultiBlockAtoh::unregisterHook($hook_id) should be compatible with ModuleCore::unregisterHook
  3. Robots.txt problem, no theme for TB,
  4. Hi, can i back to prestashop from tb?
  5. loderx

    Cash on delivery

    Enable non PS modules and working. In anoher migration no have problem.
  6. loderx

    Cash on delivery

    I use https://thirtybees.com/howtos/how-to-add-custom-offline-payment-methods/ this article but module not showing in order. Migrated from PS 1.6
  7. loderx


    Yes now is ok. Thanks!
  8. loderx


    Hi, i installed in Bulgarian language fresh instalation and prices not show. jus 00. лв/lv. I try to migrate from prestashop 1.6 and same problem with showing prices. Any ideq how to fix, because i want to migrate 5 prestashop 1.6 to thirty bees Regards
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