Another PayPal Questions

  • What is or where do I go to find the url to use for the return url for log in?

    In checking PayPal in sandbox mode the regular checkout and the express checkout both work fine but login returns this error: redirect_uri provided in the request does not match any of the registered clients.

    Also I am not getting email notifications of the orders. They show in the back office but I have not received an email notification. I did receive emails when I tested Stripe (which worked without a hitch).

  • Yes, but nothing is said about the return url. On PayPal they say: Return URL - Target URL where users will be redirected after test transactions. Which file would show me what the module is sending to PayPal? I can then enter that information on the form in PayPal.

  • So the payments work fine but 1. you can’t use the login, notifications don’t work. ?
    In my paypal account I have a return URL to the PS Paypal Standard module I used before. But that cant be used for sure.

  • Yes, payments work fine, but login will not connect to PayPal giving the error “redirect_uri provided in the request does not match any of the registered clients.” So I need to see what the redirect_uri provided is so I can fix it.

    As for the email problem, I think it is because the PayPal sandbox merchant email is not a live email.

  • By viewing the page source of the sign in page and the checkout page I was able to get the return urls. This fixed the problem I was having above. Now I get a 500 server error when the customer returns from PayPal if it is a new customer. Customers who are already registered can sign in with no problem.

    This is happening with both PayPal and Amazon logins.

  • The debug page returned the following error:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in (my site)/classes/Customer.php on line 686

    Property PayPalModule\PayPalLoginUser->id_customer is empty
    at line 974 in file classes/ObjectModel.php

    Is this a bug with TB or something I am doing wrong?



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