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Error in BO Use of undefined constant _PS_PEAR_XML_PARSER_PATH ?



I enabled the debug mode to fix a problem with a module but noticed an error in the back office of TB. ``` Notice on line 31 in file /home/30bees/modules/blockrss/blockrss.php [8] Use of undefined constant PSPEARXMLPARSERPATH - assumed 'PSPEARXMLPARSERPATH'

Warning on line 31 in file /home/30bees/modules/blockrss/blockrss.php [2] includeonce(PSPEARXMLPARSERPATH_Parser.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Warning on line 31 in file /home/30bees/modules/blockrss/blockrss.php [2] includeonce(): Failed opening 'PSPEARXMLPARSERPATHParser.php' for inclusion (includepath='/home/30bees/vendor/pear/pearexception:/home/30bees/vendor/pear/consolegetopt:/home/30bees/vendor/pear/pear-core-minimal/src:/home/30bees/vendor/pear/archive_tar:.:/opt/remi/php70/root/usr/share/pear:/opt/remi/php70/root/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php') ``` I haven't noticed anything not working correctly but obviously didn't want random errors coming up. My store was upgraded from an existing PS 1.6 store and this error seemed to be caused by the RSS feed module from the original prestashop install. I don't use the module so deleted it and this appeared to stop the error in the admin area. But I thought I would bring this to the attention of the TB team as obviously there is an issue with the RSS module which might need looking into for those who do use it.

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