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Urgent! PayPal users - scam email confirmed by PayPal re: 1024-bit, SHA-1 API certificate


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Firstly, I never open financial or other private website links from email. I log into the site directly to see if it's real.

This one is NOT Real. There were two clues to begin with, anyway:

  1. They used my personal email and said it was for my business account.

  2. The subject was obviously written by someone who uses English as a 2nd (or 3rd and on) language.

I reported this entire email to PayPal and they investigated (quickly, I may add) and found it was NOT WRITTEN by PAYPAL. I attached a screenshot of the suspicious email so that everyone will be made aware of what it looks like and how real it seems.

0_1491137902878_PayPal-confirmed-not-sent-by-them-1.jpg PayPal's Support email is as follows:

From: webform@paypal.com March 25, 2017

Thanks for reporting that suspicious-looking email and playing an active role in helping us prevent cyber-crime. The email you received wasn't sent by PayPal and it links to a fake website and we're investigating this.

If you replied to the suspicious email or have entered any personal information on a possibly fake website, please take the following steps as soon as possible: Change your PayPal account password and security questions immediately. Contact your bank and credit or debit card issuer and let them know what happened. Review your recent PayPal account activity to make sure that you authorized all the payments. Report any unauthorized transactions using the Resolution Center. Remember, you're 100% protected against unauthorized payments sent from your PayPal account.

Here are some pointers to know if an email is from PayPal: We always address you by your full name or your business name as registered on your PayPal account. We'll never use generic greetings like "Dear user" or "Hello PayPal member" in our email. We'll never ask you to reveal your financial information, your password, or the answer to your PayPal security questions.

We'll never attach any software updates in our emails and ask you to install it to your devices. We'll never ask you to ship the items and provide the tracking information to the buyers before you receive the payment in your PayPal account.

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