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Is this forum already in google playstore / App Store ...?


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To facilitate communication and more easily read something new in thirtybees forum on a smartphone like reading the status on facebook. I think if it does not exist, we recommend thirtybees forum is in the form of an application in google playstore / App store.

And I have a suggestion to donate the development of thirtybees preferably at least 0.5 dollars / month or at least volunteer because each store has a level of financial limitations of each & influenced by the value of the currency in each country.

Better the value of little money donated but the number of people who donate a lot, rather than the value of money that contributes greatly but the number of people who contribute it slightly.   And better yet all free or voluntary donations, if the store develops can be increased for the donation of each individual's consciousness, because I understand in this world nothing is free except breathe air hehehe ... :P

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