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Paypal does not return order confirmation page after successful payment



My client reported this problem to me, after debugging, i saw: modules\paypal\controllers\front\expresscheckout.php ln: 473 Tools::redirectLink($this->context->link->getPageLink('order-confirmation', true, '&id_cart='.$cart->id.'&id_module='.$this->module->id.'&key='.$customer->secure_key)); And the actual method is: public function getPageLink($controller, $ssl = null, $idLang = null, $request = null, $requestUrlEncode = false, $idShop = null, $relativeProtocol = false)

So the third parameter is wrong. If i fix it, and put null as third parameter, it works.

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Also the order confirmation page is kind of empty, stripe for example hooks into {$HOOKORDERCONFIRMATION} and adds some text, in your case there is no usage of this hook. However i do see that you have orderconfirmation controller there and the template file for it, was the intent to use:

Tools::redirectLink($this->context->link->getModuleLink('paypal', 'orderconfirmation', ['id_cart' => $cart->id, 'id_module' => $this->module->id, 'key' => $customer->secure_key], true));

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