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CSV import module gives error in TB



Hi all,

I have a CSV import module that unfortunately doesnt works on TB. Its a PS 1.6 module, so it should work as TB is the replacement for 1.6.

I am getting the following error as soon i want to import a file :

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method PHPExcel::sheetCodeNameExists() in /var/www/vhosts/plotternederland.nl/damitex.plotternederland.nl/vendor/phpoffice/phpexcel/Classes/PHPExcel/Worksheet.php on line 2901

Looking at the source file, it gives me this :

// Is there already such sheet name? if ($this->getParent()->sheetCodeNameExists($pValue)) { // Use name, but append with lowest possible integer

            if (PHPExcel_Shared_String::CountCharacters($pValue) > 29) {
                $pValue = PHPExcel_Shared_String::Substring($pValue,0,29);
            $i = 1;
            while ($this->getParent()->sheetCodeNameExists($pValue . '_' . $i)) {
                if ($i == 10) {
                    if (PHPExcel_Shared_String::CountCharacters($pValue) > 28) {
                        $pValue = PHPExcel_Shared_String::Substring($pValue,0,28);
                } elseif ($i == 100) {
                    if (PHPExcel_Shared_String::CountCharacters($pValue) > 27) {
                        $pValue = PHPExcel_Shared_String::Substring($pValue,0,27);

In Ps the module is working fine, so it is only a TB problem.

Does someone knows how to fix this?

Thank you in advance!

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