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Splitting out multiple stores



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  1. Full backup store 1
  2. Restore to new hosting for store 2 (edit settings.inc.php to change access information to the database)
  3. Disable multistore for store 1
  4. Change default store 2 to store 2 (multistore configuration page)
  5. Disable multistore for store 2

*never tried this, I think its work, let me know if there any problem

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Thank you for your suggestion, it worked for the most part.

When I disabled the multistore for store 2 (after changing the default store to store 2) it set most of the default information to that of store 1; including the contact information, the logo on the home page, the image in the top banner, the stripe, paypal and amazon pay keys.

Now I have to figure out how to delete the orders from store 1 that belong to store 2 and vice versa :|

Also recaptcha is not working in store 2. I thought it was a multistore problem but I guess it is not. That is a problem for another day...

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