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Complex pricing module?


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Hi all, I'm looking for a module that will allow me to create an order form with my products. I think Gravity Forms Product Add-On is the kind of thing in WooCommerce land, and I'm looking for an option within 30 Bees so I don't have to change to a new platform.

I sell products which can be decorated, with setup fees for the decoration. I need to average that cost over the qty purchased. There are also per-item fees that apply.

One of my suppliers has their apparel listings set up with an order form below the image and description. The order form has one line for every combination of size, colour, sleeve length etc. I simply type the qty of each variation I want on the appropriate line, it totals dynamically and I click "add to cart". I think this is a good solution for my use case too, but with the added decoration fees added to the total.

I just need the client charged the right price and the details captured - it's a consultative process confirming and sending proofs, so I don't need the job details to be excruciatingly precise.

The major, major benefit of this is price transparency - rare in my industry as I'm sure you can understand, because it can be hard to even explain the pricing methods. A lot of genuine prospects bounce off sites which say "contact us for pricing", because who wants 100 conversations with everyone just to get pricing and find a good deal? If I can deliver clear information I should be able to get good conversion from marketing.

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