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Custom Payment Module



I am hoping for a bit of help. I've been testing out 30 bees over the last few days. So far it appears to be a very impressive piece of software to simplify the process of putting together a web-store.

I've got one problem that I can't seem to get past.

  • disabled the default-endabled BankDraft payment method
  • enabled paypal, partially configured for testing, it is visible when I place a test order
  • enabled and configured "Custom Payments" module for testing, and added 2 x custom payment methods: (a) Mail-cheque and (b) Interac-EPay-Email

I've uploaded image for each of these 2 custom pay methods; enabled them ; made sure they are available for carrier / country / group etc.

When I do a 'checkout test purchase' . Paypal is listed as the 'top option' for payment then I have a 'blank row line' which appears to be trying to display something related to payment but it fails to show anything; and it does not work.

I searched forum, found discussion about "Oh just use the COD Module, here is zip installer" - so I installed that, and was able to get a 3rd option showing up - the COD Module - just 'worked' more or less right away. But I don't really want that payment option .. it was just a test.

So I am curious if there are know bugs in the 'custom pay' module; or some 'special' (non-obvious) config options required to get this to work ?

At first I thought it was maybe related to country<>currency<defaults (ie, I am setting it up for Canada / CAD$ instead of default USA/USD$Dollar. But I'm pretty sure that is not an issue based on my 'success' with Paypal and "COD".

Any pointers/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

many thanks! Tim

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