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Reference on combinations




We have an issue relating the reference of those products combined (with attributes).

Let's explain it with an example. We have 3 tshirts, one is red, one is blue and one is yellow.

Our internal codes are:

  • Red --> TSHIRTRED
  • Blue --> TSHIRTBLUE
  • Yellow --> TSHIRTYELLOW

When we combine those products into one with a master (in this case the red tshirt), we get:

1 Product called TSHIRTRED.M The other 2 tshirts gets deactivated.

The problem comes when a customer orders any of our tshirts. Inside that order we see the product TSHIRTRED.M and then the attribute. In PS if a customer buys a yellow tshirt, it appears the code TSHIRTYELLOW no matter if it is combined into another product or not. In Thirty bees we don't get that and our ERP Connector can't recognize the code TSHIRTRED.M when we upload an order.

Can some one help us? :)

Thank you!

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