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thirty bees vagrant LEMP stack in progress on GitHub



thirty bees vagrant lemp stack I'm creating a thirty bees vagrant lemp stack based on trusty64/ubuntu server 17.04 with the following: 1. NGINX 2. php7 3. fpm-php7 4. mariadb [ latest stable release ] 5. opcache 6. xdebug 7. phpmyadmin 8. Redis / php-redis cache 8. puppet master [ build vm infrastructure ]

After the github project is table, I'll post to atlast.hashicorp.com for download in your local vagrant installation. In the meantime, hop on if you're comfy with any of those technologies and fork/pull request and contribute? https://github.com/denverprophitjr/thirty-bees-vagrant

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If we can get thirty bees into a phar archive, I can modify a new puppet module to install thirty bees automatically and inside the virtual machine. The feature request is at https://thirtybees.com/suggestions/create-thirty-bees-phar-for-automated-builds-in-puppet-vagrant/

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