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Request for a subcategory under Technical Help


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@Global-Moderators @administrators

I don't think posting a "new topic" in the technical help section is efficient because there will end up being a very long list of issues that can be put in a technical help subcategory.

Even if the new subcategory is called "General" , it will still at least be categorized.

I have a few questions that relate to thirty bees but don't go under the existing subcategories.

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Technical Help has the following subcategories:

Installation, Migrations, Updating thirty bees, Module help, theme help

Currently there are seven uncategorized posts in the Technical Help main forum. That is very likely to grow as thirty bees grows.

It would look more professional, imo, to have another subcategory under Technical Help located here: https://forum.thirtybees.com/category/4/technical-help called "General".

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@dprophitjr That's better. Thank you for updating it.

Now I'd like to know which categories to post questions such as these:

  1. Theme-related but for 3rd party themes because I'm unsure if the theme subcategory is meant only for the thirty bees theme.

  2. Required shippers only for certain products - example: mandatory FedEx ground for perishable items packed in ice and must ship faster than USPS priority mail, which is my current default.

  3. How to set up a method whereby two shipping methods will be used in the same order. For instance, if someone orders a perishable item and a non-perishable item: perishable has to go FedEx ground or faster depending on the location of the buyer, but also orders products that can go USPS first class mail or Priority Mail for which I may give them free shipping.

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