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Migration Failed: Error during database upgrade.



Hey guys!

Copied my Prestashop 1.6 install to Cloudways. After finishing, I installed the migration module and let it run.

Unfortunately it failed during the database upgrade and I've ended up with a half-broken install.

That's OK though, I can easily roll back with Cloudways and try again - but do you guys have any idea what can be done to avoid the failure and perform a successful migration?

Here's a screenshot of what happened, I've also attached the full migration log here: 01496955982485migration.log

0_1496955883640_Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 4.32.19 copy.png image url)

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@mdekker Hey Mike! Good to see you again as well :)

I have no idea what they run their hosting on, actually. It's cloudways.com that Lesley has been advocating: https://thirtybees.com/blog/thirty-bees-on-cloudways/

I'll rollback to a backup before the failed migration attempt, reset permissions, try again and then update here! :)

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