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Amazon Pay checkout msg displays must allow 3rd party cookies


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Upon checkout, a message displayed you have to allow third party cookies.

I viewed the cookies and Amazon.com was blocked, so I allowed it and refreshed the page.

Where can I add this info and an image so that people know how to do it, if they get the cookie message?

0_1498138549566_amazon cookie blocked - 1.jpg

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Is there a way to have the cookies be part of code or something for those who are still not technically inclined?

I do not mean to override people's choices of cookies. What I mean is can we put a little bit of code either in the shopping cart or somewhere on the way to checking out to make it easier for them to accept Amazon pay and PayPal cookies? In other words a question or a statement that says please accept Amazon and PayPal cookies.

This may help reduce abandoned carts.

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