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Paypal setup????


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Does someone know how to correct setup the paypal 5.4.5. module (it is installed but does not work). 

The manual at Payment Module - Paypal by thirty bees | thirty bees documents is JUNK since it is not correct written to the version of paypal.

I only get authentication error when I try to login to those stupid sandbox accounts. I want a LIVE and REAL login to work, but it does not, always gives me AUTHENTICATION ERROR when I try to login to my account when I try my own shop.

So how to solve the authentication problem??????? 

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This is how it looks, noone will understand since it is in Swedish



What it  says in the red part above is "1. Authentication failed"

It doesn't matter what kind of paypal accunt I try to login with, real, sandbox none of the work. Sandbox is such a STUPID thing here, it must work LIVE for me I am not playing here.

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