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Positions Modules and Services - Feature Request?


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Everything has always been crammed onto one page when moving around blocks and transplanting modules for the front & back office. Somewhere down the line can this be addressed? I would like to start a wish list on this one feature.

1) Please separate the back and front office modules & transplant onto at least two different pages. IE: One for each would be awesome. The ps or tb page is so long that stuff gets missed ten times before you even know it. I'm not ragging on the system we have I just want it to be better. I would even help if I could in some way that you could determine.

2) Also could a system like Xoops.org or it's sister ImpressCMS.org "Blocks & Modules Positions" system be worth a look? Here are both demos! When you log on click admin >>> blocks. Don't forget to click edit and you can see how they deal with placing a module on a one off pages or even whole categories. Heck you can even invent your own custom position and hang it in the theme.html. Now both systems also use smarty if that is of any consequence. I'm trying to think of other things as well.  


Anyway please take a look at these demos and understand how simple they are to use. Thanks Billy

Admin Username : admin
Admin Password : pass

 a) https://www.softaculous.com/demos/ImpressCMS older design of dealing with blocks & modules positions.

 b) https://www.softaculous.com/demos/Xoops newer design of dealing with blocks & modules positions.

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