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I think it would be good to allow customers fill in two addresses at registration of a new customer (in case you allow customers to enter address).

The first address would be the main address (= invoice address for companies) and in case the second address (= delivery address) is not filled in it would also be automatically the delivery address.

TB generally takes the first address as delivery and invoice in case the second address is not entered, so the logic is actually vice versa at the moment. It’s obvious during the process of order.

There could be a checkbox saying something like “Enter a different for delivery address” to allow customers fill in the second address during registration.

Also, the name for the first address would be automatically “Main” or “Invoice” (for companies), the name of the second address would be automatically “Delivery” – the inputs for the names of addresses could be hidden during registration process.

If a customer would have an address named as main/invoice in their list of addresses it would be preselected as main/invoice address and if a customer would also have an address named as delivery it would be preselected as delivery address during process of order.

In case a customer would select just one address or the same address for main/invoice and delivery during process of order just one address would be displayed everywhere (history of orders, e-mails etc.). There are always displayed both addresses at the moment even if they are the same.

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