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'Paypal Checkout' on product page : spinning lock (?)


I'm attempting to use the 'Paypal Checkout' button on my product page, but for some reason it displays a lock cursor with a spinning circle around it & stalls there, whereas on the cart checkout page it seems to work as may be expected.

Also, I'm wondering what it takes to center that button (I've tried centering the container_express_checkout 'div' using a variety of methods); I'm now thinking that it may be something I have to adjust in paypal.css or override from there or something (?).  Not sure where this 'zoid' stuff is coming from yet either...

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Still seems to have issues, though, IMO; for some reason regardless of whether I choose multx products, the 'PayPal Checkout' button only wants to order one of them (apparently pinned to min product quantity somewhere along the pipe!?).

I also tried downloading the 'Paypal Official' module via 'PrestaShop', and it apparently had some sort of namespace collision, overwriting the 'ThirtyBees' module [installing into a same named 'paypal' folder] (first downloaded from 'git' release source & 'build'ed, but 'back office' apparently didn't install the zip file made for some reason [though it claimed it was successful], so I ended up restoring that module from backup).  Might want to use a folder name that's not somebody else's trademark!

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