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Installing templates non related theme hooks are ignored



I noticed that switching theme a warning is given about non-theme related hooks being ignored.

What is meant exactly by "non-theme related"?

I have seen in the list that some of the modules are from the theme, why then are considered "non-theme related"?

What does imply to have all those hooks not registered?

At the end of the list there is a more serious warning about modules from the theme for which hooks where not defined in the theme's xml file, I will contact the developer as suggest, however, what kind of inconsistencies will be caused by this?

The warning output is below

Thank you


Some warnings were encountered during theme installation.

Following non-theme related hooks were ignored

Theme instructs thirty bees core to register hooks that are not theme related. These requests were ignored

  • Hook actionCartListOverride from module blockcart_mod
  • Hook actionAdminLanguagesControllerStatusBefore from module blockcategories
  • Hook actionAdminMetaControllerUpdate_optionsBefore from module blockcategories
  • Hook actionCategoryAdd from module blockcategories
  • Hook actionCategoryDelete from module blockcategories
  • Hook actionCategoryUpdate from module blockcategories
  • Hook displayBackOfficeCategory from module blockcategories
  • Hook actionAttributeDelete from module blocklayered
  • Hook actionAttributeGroupDelete from module blocklayered
  • Hook actionAttributeGroupSave from module blocklayered
  • Hook actionAttributePostProcess from module blocklayered
  • Hook actionAttributeSave from module blocklayered
  • Hook actionCategoryAdd from module blocklayered
  • Hook actionCategoryDelete from module blocklayered
  • Hook actionCategoryUpdate from module blocklayered
  • Hook actionFeatureDelete from module blocklayered
  • Hook actionFeatureSave from module blocklayered
  • Hook actionFeatureValueDelete from module blocklayered
  • Hook actionFeatureValueSave from module blocklayered
  • Hook actionProductListOverride from module blocklayered
  • Hook actionProductSave from module blocklayered
  • Hook actionObjectCategoryDeleteAfter from module stbanner
  • Hook actionObjectManufacturerDeleteAfter from module stbanner
  • Hook actionShopDataDuplication from module stbanner
  • Hook actionProductAdd from module stbestsellers
  • Hook actionProductDelete from module stbestsellers
  • Hook actionProductUpdate from module stbestsellers
  • Hook GSitemapAppendUrls from module stblog
  • Hook actionShopDataDuplication from module stblog
  • Hook displayAdminHomeQuickLinks from module stblog
  • Hook displayBackOfficeHeader from module stblog
  • Hook moduleRoutes from module stblog
  • Hook GSitemapAppendUrls from module stblogarchives
  • Hook moduleRoutes from module stblogarchives
  • Hook moduleRoutes from module stblogsearch
  • Hook actionObjectManufacturerDeleteAfter from module stbrandsslider
  • Hook displayAdminProductPriceFormFooter from module stcountdown
  • Hook actionShopDataDuplication from module steasycontent
  • Hook actionCategoryDelete from module steasytabs
  • Hook actionProductAdd from module steasytabs
  • Hook actionProductDelete from module steasytabs
  • Hook actionProductUpdate from module steasytabs
  • Hook displayAdminProductsExtra from module steasytabs
  • Hook actionCategoryAdd from module stfeaturedcategories
  • Hook actionCategoryDelete from module stfeaturedcategories
  • Hook actionCategoryUpdate from module stfeaturedcategories
  • Hook actionProductAdd from module stfeaturedslider
  • Hook actionProductDelete from module stfeaturedslider
  • Hook actionProductUpdate from module stfeaturedslider
  • Hook actionProductAdd from module sthomenew
  • Hook actionProductDelete from module sthomenew
  • Hook actionProductUpdate from module sthomenew
  • Hook displayBackOfficeHeader from module sthoverimage
  • Hook actionObjectCategoryDeleteAfter from module stiosslider
  • Hook actionShopDataDuplication from module stiosslider
  • Hook actionCategoryAdd from module stmegamenu
  • Hook actionCategoryDelete from module stmegamenu
  • Hook actionCategoryUpdate from module stmegamenu
  • Hook actionObjectCategoryDeleteAfter from module stmegamenu
  • Hook actionObjectCategoryUpdateAfter from module stmegamenu
  • Hook actionObjectCmsDeleteAfter from module stmegamenu
  • Hook actionObjectCmsUpdateAfter from module stmegamenu
  • Hook actionObjectManufacturerDeleteAfter from module stmegamenu
  • Hook actionObjectProductUpdateAfter from module stmegamenu
  • Hook actionObjectSupplierDeleteAfter from module stmegamenu
  • Hook actionProductAdd from module stmegamenu
  • Hook actionProductDelete from module stmegamenu
  • Hook actionProductUpdate from module stmegamenu
  • Hook actionShopDataDuplication from module stmegamenu
  • Hook hookActionObjectProductDeleteAfter from module stmegamenu
  • Hook actionObjectCategoryDeleteAfter from module stmultilink
  • Hook actionObjectCategoryUpdateAfter from module stmultilink
  • Hook actionObjectCmsDeleteAfter from module stmultilink
  • Hook actionObjectCmsUpdateAfter from module stmultilink
  • Hook actionObjectManufacturerDeleteAfter from module stmultilink
  • Hook actionObjectManufacturerUpdateAfter from module stmultilink
  • Hook actionObjectSupplierDeleteAfter from module stmultilink
  • Hook actionObjectSupplierUpdateAfter from module stmultilink
  • Hook actionShopDataDuplication from module stmultilink
  • Hook actionCustomerAccountAdd from module stnewsletter
  • Hook actionDeleteGDPRCustomer from module stnewsletter
  • Hook actionExportGDPRData from module stnewsletter
  • Hook registerGDPRConsent from module stnewsletter
  • Hook actionObjectCategoryDeleteAfter from module stowlcarousel
  • Hook actionObjectManufacturerDeleteAfter from module stowlcarousel
  • Hook actionShopDataDuplication from module stowlcarousel
  • Hook actionObjectCategoryDeleteAfter from module stpagebanner
  • Hook actionObjectCmsDeleteAfter from module stpagebanner
  • Hook actionObjectManufacturerDeleteAfter from module stpagebanner
  • Hook actionObjectSupplierDeleteAfter from module stpagebanner
  • Hook actionShopDataDuplication from module stpagebanner
  • Hook actionShopDataDuplication from module stparallax
  • Hook actionCategoryDelete from module stproductcategoriesslider
  • Hook actionObjectCategoryDeleteAfter from module stproductcategoriesslider
  • Hook actionProductAdd from module stproductcategoriesslider
  • Hook actionProductDelete from module stproductcategoriesslider
  • Hook actionProductUpdate from module stproductcategoriesslider
  • Hook actionProductDelete from module strelatedproducts
  • Hook actionProductUpdate from module strelatedproducts
  • Hook displayAdminProductsExtra from module strelatedproducts
  • Hook actionProductAdd from module stspecialslider
  • Hook actionProductDelete from module stspecialslider
  • Hook actionProductUpdate from module stspecialslider
  • Hook displayAdminProductPriceFormFooter from module stspecialslider
  • Hook actionShopDataDuplication from module stthemeeditor

No hooks defined for following modules

Theme installed or enabled following modules but didn't provide hook list for them. Theme should always provide hook list in order to achieve consistent results. If no hooks are specified in config.xml file, module hook list will remain unchanged. If this is wanted behaviour, theme developer should make it explicit by adding manageHooks="false" into module entry

  • No hooks are defined for module stfblikebox in theme config.xml file
  • No hooks are defined for module stblogcomments in theme config.xml file
  • No hooks are defined for module stblogrelatedarticles in theme config.xml file
  • No hooks are defined for module beesblogpopularposts in theme config.xml file

Please contact theme developer and request correction of theme config.xml file

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