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500 Server Error when a client is logged in



When a client logs into my shop, can see "My account" page, can change all personal data, but cannot go to the Home Page because of "500 Server Error". When the web browser cache is cleared then pages of my shop load normally. When logging in again, the problem comes back.

TB 1.4, PHP 8.1 (the problem exists also with PHP 7.4).

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I managed to find some details.

When activated Debugging mode I found that the module  Bees Blog Recent posts had some problems:

Class "BeesBlogModule\BeesBlogPost" not found


modules/beesblogrecentposts/beesblogrecentposts.php at line 130

When I deactivated the module, the "500 Server Error" paged disapeared but the shop is missing the menus - e.g. there is no main menu, no other links, footer gone - just the Home slider left. Deactivating Home slider module does not help anyway.

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