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Wrong discount in cart with Free Gifts


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Hi everyone,

I'm seeing some issues with the shopping cart when "Gift Products" are included. This includes the "Gift Value" which also calculates the discount, which is why the total discount is larger than expected.

In fact, I would like to achieve the following (but it may be difficult to complete all wishes):

(1) Prices based on "total product": including the value of any freebies;
(2) First discount: does not include the gift value;
(3) Second discount: Calculated on the discounted price ("Deducted Price" after the first discount);
(4) If there are other discounts: it will also be calculated according to the previous discounted price.

I've been looking for over two weeks and can't find a solution, hope the experts here can help me! Thanks in advance!!

Wrong discount in Cart.png

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