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Facebook / Meta / Instagram integration?


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Facebook/Meta has just required me to provide them with business information, as they appear to have increased their requirements for advertising products on their service; apparently they want you to add items for sale to their own storefront software.

There is apparently a 'PrestaShop' module for sharing products, but in examining it on the 'PrestaShop Marketplace', it appears to require PS 1.7 (and when I attempted to install it in my TB 1.3.0 shop anyhow, it does indeed hurl).


I've noticed a tendency amongst other of their module developers to start compatibility at PS 1.7, as apparently the API changed significantly at that point.  I'm wondering if maybe y'all should somehow 'upgrade' TB for PS 1.7 compatibility?  And/or ~backport their module to 1.6 for them??


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