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Where product images are stored in TB, url problem.



Good day, people.

I have a module probably from PS 1.6 times which among other data exports product URL in xml format. So exported url looks like domain.name/53/image.jpg and all of such urls are getting 403 error (forbidden).

On the other hand, in sitemap product image url looks like  domain.name/53-Niara_thickbox/image.jpg  And other images have ulrs like domain.name/53-Image_type/image.jpg
Is there a way to make image urls like domain.name/53/image.jpg accessible again by setting folder permissions or any other way?

Product images are stored in img/p folder. And this path domain.name/53/image.jpg might be PS 1.6 legacy, but what to do best?

Thank you in advance.

TB version 1.4 php 8.1

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The problem was with Watermark module, we started using it and all default images (without urls) became inaccessible. It was all good in the FO, but we had a module which exported among other things product urls to feed. So that particular module exported default urls for product which were inaccessible, so we modified file path to include url with watermark which is accessible.


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