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I reported this bug in the github, but not sure when/if it will be addressed...



Using the blockcategories module with the Community Theme, I am getting this in the aside category menu:

If you click on the down arrow, presumable to expand the sub-categories under "10mm AIM Historical" (last visible child) it actually collapses that category. IF, however, you click on the category name, it expands as was expected with the expand (down arrow) button. After expanding, you can collapse the menu appropriately by clicking the collapse (up arrow) button.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

image.png.c2d67543e7ac1cd26df0fd576d59d26a.png image.png.6365504ac76ecd9a6fc052bccd0c0bcd.png

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I just realized this issue exists on a different production website running on TB 1.3.0, so it isn't something new. 

Block Categories v3.0.3 - by thirty bees


= = = = = = = - - -  -  -  I get this  -  -  - - - = = = = = = = 


...but when I click the "Richardson" text link instead of the button...
I get this - which is what I should ALSO get when clicking the button:


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