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Unable to delete nested sub-category, option to enable/disable is locked


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Hi, it's my first time posting on the forum. Since I'm not a techie, can I request ya'll explain the technical solution to a non-technical person.  Greatly appreciated.

(not wanting to offend anyone on this forum, certain items are blacked out on image

Below is the process that got me into this sticky situation.

1. General Preferences  activated and enabled > "Enable Multi-Store"

2. Advanced Parameter > Multi Store:  made changes to the store name, repeated steps 1 & 2 and did reset to default positions (multi store is now disabled)

3.  Attempted to delete the 3 sub-categories boxed in red on image -  THEY ARE NOW LOCKED IN THE X POSITION. They will not delete with the >"EDIT" "DELETE" function, also they do not show up as a sub-category in my file structure or menu.  My current work-around is to create three identical sub-categories, and they seem to be working just fine.  However, I do know that having dead links floating not good for performance, search engines, etc.

4. When I attempt to delete the locked categories, it automatically bounces back to the main category

Question:  How do i go to delete the X (old, unused, stuck) categories?  Any advise or thoughts are appreciated.

NOTE: the 3 old sub-categories now have the same position "1"





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