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Tags are being cut off again when importing via CSV


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@Traumflug Help, please? I know you and Michael worked on this weeks (months?) ago, but it's back.

Tags are being truncated again. It could be because of my .csv format but I'm not sure because I'm having a lot of trouble with the csv imports.

My tags field on my csv contains: cute dog dresses, ruffled, flounced hem

but the product shows this:

0_1508209626602_tags are cut off again.jpg

Also, product shows as out of stock but my csv has 200 in the Quantity field:

0_1508209955217_qty on csv is 200 but product shows out of stock.jpg

Back office screenshot of product shows zero quantity:

0_1508210314530_BO products is marking this as zero quantity but I have 200 on the csv.jpg

The rest of the trouble is in this forum post in case you're interested. :)


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