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How to export all info of products in CSV

Dear all, I was trying to export full information for my products as CSV, but noticed that by using the default "export" function in backoffice -> products only exported id, image, name, price, Quantity, ref, and category but not full description, i searched for at way to do it easily, and came across this very helpfull articel:   https://premiumpresta.com/blog/export-products-for-csv-import-prestashop-1-6/ That explain in full detail including the code. -.... And if

unica e-shop

unica e-shop

How to creat accordion menu on CMS pages

Hi alle, I was just searching for a method to make it possible to have collapsible in our CMS page and found this useful tutorial: https://mypresta.eu/en/art/developer/create-collapsible-accordion-prestashop.html I thought it might be helpfull if somebody need it  :). Best regards, Umar, Unica e-shop

unica e-shop

unica e-shop

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