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  1. felipeseo

    error when deleting user

    I think I have found the solution and it is to deactivate all the modules in performance> Deactivate modules not coming from Thirty Bees
  2. felipeseo

    checkout compatibility problem

    Hi, I'm having a compatibility problem with a checkout module link It says that the user is registered when it is not. but in spite of everything if what is registering
  3. felipeseo

    error when deleting user

    Hello, why when I delete a user, I get the following error? Fatal error: Call to undefined method Logger::addLog() in /home/janabebe/public_html/pruebas/classes/controller/AdminController.php on line 1241 although the user is deleted, but I have to refresh the browser
  4. felipeseo

    translations do not work

    I think you may be right, because when I make this change the site is recognizing me as spam and a recaptcha appears, so I think it's time for me to wait until I can work in the main url
  5. felipeseo

    translations do not work

    already delete the cache and follow the same problem,
  6. felipeseo

    translations do not work

    I think it was not the error because I activated the https for this provisional site and it does not work I keep on with the same error, it redicts me to the main domain site when it spikes in saving
  7. felipeseo

    translations do not work

    I think I've seen the error and that is when I save save and stay, redirect me to https, when I'm working on http. I am working on a parallel folder of a site that has https. How I can avoid this?
  8. felipeseo

    translations do not work

    Hello, does anyone know why this happens to me? and that is that when I save the translations it takes me out of the administrator also when I re-enter the texts are red https://www.screencast.com/t/PSPciVW1kjZ1 and the translation is not seen in the front
  9. felipeseo

    incompatibility module PayPal alabaz

    We are talking about the same thing because I attach the alabaz file
  10. felipeseo

    incompatibility module PayPal alabaz

    What does "Forward your shop to bleeding edge using Core Updater" mean? I attached the paypal.php because I do not see what you say, since I'm working with the latest version of PS 1.6 and with the latest version of TB paypal.php
  11. felipeseo

    incompatibility module PayPal alabaz

    Hello, I am using this paypal module alabaz that works with a surcharge, but it seems that it is not compatible with TB that I can do, this is the error that shows
  12. Hello, I understand that thirtybees is the one that makes the effort so that PS modules are compatible and not vice versa, well I want to put on the table this incopatibility of this powerful module as it is Page Cache Ultimate, I got in touch with the developer showing the problem https://www.screencast.com/t/WGXxk2GuM6hQ and they say "As far as I know the module is not compatible with Thirtybees since there is a core classe with the same name" PageCache "" then there is How to make this module compatible? I really do not want to lose the position he has.
  13. felipeseo

    canonical blog

    Hi. in the blog module of thirtybees does the canonical url work?
  14. felipeseo

    modify url

  15. felipeseo

    modify url

    in none of the 2 gives the possibility