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  1. Hi All! Sorry, but I'm not good with coding, so that's why I'm asking this question. I want to make an out of stock product picture turning grey. There was the same topic in Prestashop forum, but, unfortunately, it's old, and the solution didn't work for TB. Could you please help me with this? (Topic in PS forum:https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/332910-solved-how-to-make-product-list-image-turn-grey-when-out-of-stock/) (Example of the result: https://tops.ua/category/detskiy-mir/letniy-otdyh).
  2. Thank you @datakick and @Traumflug for your help. Now is everything is ok with login, but I would like to test it for a couple of days. So I would want to live this discussion open to give some feedback.
  3. @datakick Thank's it would be great! Because this website is my working store. I just sent you PM.
  4. Hi! I migrate from PrestaShop 1.6. The migration process was ok, and I was working for about a day on a new system. But, the problem started when my colleague tried to log in with her login and password from old Prestashop to a new Thirty Bees system. There was no error; she can’t log in. After entering a login and password, there was just a rectangle with the name of the shop. Well, I thought that it’s a problem with her pc, bowser, etc. I cleared cache in her browser; I changed the password through the “I forgot my password” and nothing. I tried to do it from my pc. And this was my epic fail. Now I can’t log in too. But all this time I was login in the admin panel. After the update, there were some issues with login, but I cleared the cache in the browser, and it worked. Now it doesn’t. I switched on the debug mode, but unfortunately, it showed nothing. Only the developer mode in a browser showed me an error: POST https://a-stuff.com.ua/admin7532/ajax-tab.php?rand=1554073235248 500 VM599:1 I need your help with this. P.S: Video of the loading process. https://youtu.be/Am9_U8M9TEk
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