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  1. Ok, I found it. The path for the BeesBlog module is a little different: it uses the format <my-theme>/css/modules/beesblog/views/css/beesblogstyle.css. So, my first attempt was close but not close enough. Thanks for showing the way. public function hookDisplayHeader() { $this->context->controller->addCSS($this->_path.'views/css/beesblogstyle.css', 'all'); }
  2. Thanks for the pointer! I will start digging over the weekend :-)
  3. I tried it: same result 😞 Can it not be that for the beesblog modules this construction of using theme related css is not implemented? Or is it some general construction that should always work? I'm not afraid to take a look at the code, just need a pointer where to start..
  4. Link to the default css file: https://www.gquipment.com/modules/beesblog/views/css/beesblogstyle.css Link to the <my-theme> copy: https://www.gquipment.com/themes/Gquipment-theme/css/modules/beesblog/beesblogstyle.css And what the source actual blog post files uses (in its head section) and where I see that it is still using the default file: <link rel="stylesheet" href="/modules/beesblog/views/css/beesblogstyle.css" type="text/css" media="all" />
  5. I double checked it. I'm sure it is the right domain, right path, all performance optimization or off, cleared cache in BA and also in browser. But it renders the page with the link to the default css location, not the theme based one. I can fix it by putting my css code for the beesblog in the global.css. In this scenario I also made the change in a copy of global.css and have copied it to <my-theme>/css folder. So, why does it work with gobal.css in theme based folder but not when I use the css/beesblog folder? Therefore, I'm also curious how this works in the code. Anybody any idea where I should have a look in the code? Well, probably, I'm just doing something stupid. But, don't know what it is yet 🙂
  6. I tried it but it still uses this link in the page: <link rel="stylesheet" href="/modules/beesblog/views/css/beesblogstyle.css" type="text/css" media="all" /> and ignores the file under "my-theme/css/modules/beesblog" (after clearing all caches) Its puzzling me.
  7. Hi, I have a problem I don't understand. Tried to introduce my own css style code in the file "beesblogstyle.css" by copying it to my themes directory (<my-themes-name>/modules/beesblog/views/css). However, don't matter what I do, if I look at the source of the page it always uses : <link rel="stylesheet" href="/modules/beesblog/views/css/beesblogstyle.css" type="text/css" media="all" /> so, it won't use the theme directory. How can I solve that? I already disabled all css optimisations, caching and also cleared the cache (server and client side). Any help would be great! Or is the beesblog style sheets path somehow 'hard coded'? If not, where is it decided to use the one in the theme directory (I can't find that spot in the php or tpl code, but I'm also not an php/smarty expert).
  8. I think I have found a problem with the calculation of the baseprice when a customer wants to order a product in quantity, there is a quantity discount and he can choose an article attribute that changes the base price. In my scenario it goes as follows. - I have an article which comes in 3 options (one attribute with three values). The options change the base price (in my case the price increases significantly, but that is slightly off topic). The default option does not have an impact on the base price. - I have a discount rule for customers if they order 5 articles or more. And another one for quantities of more then 10 (but that also does not matter, the problem already starts with the first discount rule). If a customer sticks to the default option. Every works as expected, including the discounting rules. However, if the customer chooses an option which has a price increasing effect. The following happens: - For quantities lower then the quantity discount rule threshold (5 in my case), the correct increased base price is displayed. - For quantities higher then the price discount threshold, the default option base price is displayed instead of the one linked to the option chosen. Although it then correctly applies the qty discount to this base price, it is completely wrong. If we the proceed to the check out, everything is well again. All prices and calculations turn to be ok. But I discovered that customers get in confusion and most of the time stop the order process. In most cases, they contact me through email but this is not the way to go. So, Am I doing things wrong or is it indeed a bug? I also uploaded some screen images.
  9. I just stumbled on the error "Property Order-> Carrier id is Empty" when trying to create a manual order. Trying again generates the same message. The order is also not created. What I did to circumvent the problem was using the link to the front office to finalize the order process as the customer would. That worked well. But I think this kind of problems in the order process should not happen. I checked the table ps-order for the carrier-id in the order record that in the end succeeded. And, of course, this carrier-id also exist in the table ps_carriers. The text associate with this carrier-id also was shown in the BO when I tried to add the order manual in the first place (which ended with the error message). To be clear, the error thus only appears when using the create button. Using the link to the FO works fine. I'm running bleeding edge. What to do now?
  10. Final solution : it turns out that this bug (not getting the Shop ID from the current context) is already fixed in the Mail::Send function. Only available in bleeding edge. So I migrated to the latest greatest and it all works well. Thanks for the pointers.
  11. The reported problem turned out to be slightly different then it appeared at first sight. It was a combination of an email address that didin't exist and and a bug in the ContactController which caused the code to ignore multishop settings. Easy to make wrong conclusions then. The shop ID is never parsed to the function Mail::Send. So it uses the default value of null. And thus will never select the right logo or shop name in a multi shop environment. I added a line of code to get the shop ID from the current context (this->context->shop->id) and parsed the value into the Mail::Send function (at three location as there are three possible execution flows). Et voilà, it now works correctly when using multiple shops. So, the emails send use the correct shopname and logo. Changed code looks as follows (ContactController.php) : $idShop = (int) $this->context->shop->id; if (empty($contact->email)) { Mail::Send($this->context->language->id, 'contact_form', ((isset($ct) && Validate::isLoadedObject($ct)) ? sprintf(Mail::l('Your message has been correctly sent #ct%1$s #tc%2$s'), $ct->id, $ct->token) : Mail::l('Your message has been correctly sent')), $varList, $from, null, null, null, $fileAttachment, null, _PS_MAIL_DIR_, false, $idShop, null, null); } else { if (!Mail::Send( $this->context->language->id, 'contact', Mail::l('Message from contact form').' [no_sync]', $varList, $contact->email, $contact->name, null, null, $fileAttachment, null, _PS_MAIL_DIR_, false, $idShop, null, $from ) || !Mail::Send($this->context->language->id, 'contact_form', ((isset($ct) && Validate::isLoadedObject($ct)) ? sprintf(Mail::l('Your message has been correctly sent #ct%1$s #tc%2$s'), $ct->id, $ct->token) : Mail::l('Your message has been correctly sent')), $varList, $from, null, null, null, $fileAttachment, null, _PS_MAIL_DIR_, false, $idShop, null, $contact->email) ) { $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('An error occurred while sending the message.'); } } } So I think this is a bug. But as always with the wonderful world of PS/TB, I'm never sure because I'm not deeply involved. But it works for me.
  12. Still struggling with the multi store settings as they look ok to me. So I looked in the database. At least there it is obvious that the tables ps_shop and ps_shop_group and ps_shop_url are sound. But ps_configuration doesn't look ok. A lot of names like PS_NAME, PS_SHOP_NAME, PS_SHOP_MAIL, PS_SHOP_EMAIL have either a group ID, shop ID of 1, 2 (shop B) or those values are null, null for shop A (I would expect 1, 1). Also not all names exist for both shops? I can easily change the values of shop A to the correct group and shop ID. I can also add the missing names. Should I make does changes? Second thing that I looks strange to me is that when the emails are composed, the shop context always returns a shopId of 0 (hence the default name and logo). But I would expect a shopId of either 1 or 2 again. When I force the ID to 1 or 2, I get the correct shop name and logo..
  13. Ok, thanks for the explanation. I will study the settings and play around with them in a test domain. Until I grasp the concept. Thanks again.
  14. Hi there. The problem of not sending the emails is solved (with the help of Datakick). TB was using a non existing email address. As far as I understand that was due to a misconfiguration but I'm not sure of that anymore. The reason for my hesitation is that although the emails are send correctly, the shop name and logo are of the wrong shop (yes, I'm using a multishop config). As far as I can understand this is the situation now: There are two shops A and B. And A was using a non existing email address. And B the correct one. But if a user visits the domain of shop B and uses the contact-us page, the emails are (now) send using the shop name, logo and address of shop A (which is very confusing for a customer). The above email problem was therefore fixed by configuring shop A and B with the same email address (being that of shop B). That would explain that the 'right' email address is used and the wrong logo and shop name. Can that be true? I checked the multistore settings and I'm quite confidant that the settings of shop B are correct.
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