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  1. Hi, Just wondering why the title of a blog post is wrapped in an H4 tag instead of an H1 tag in post.tpl? An H1 tag makes much more sense for a title and it is also better from a SEO point of view. Any particular reason? Of course, I can change it in post.tpl but then it will be overwritten with an update of that file. I just discovered that there is SEO category too on this forum. Probably, this post should be moved to that category. But I don't know how.
  2. Dolfijn

    SPAM returns with url in last name

    I don't now how to reproduce this except that it is happening at my site (If you have additional question, please feel free). I can only tell that I started from PS 1.6.24, migrated to TB, run the updater, installed the blog modules and then tried to run the core updater. I'm running a multishop indeed.
  3. Dolfijn

    SPAM returns with url in last name

    Ah, found it. Now I'm on bleeding edge 🙂 And I checked the last name validation and now it rejects the names containing urls. Thanks for helping me out.
  4. Dolfijn

    SPAM returns with url in last name

    If I try to configure the core updater I get an empty screen. I guess that is not quite right..?
  5. Dolfijn

    SPAM returns with url in last name

    I just checked but the latest stable is release 1.08. What latest version are you referring too?
  6. Dolfijn

    SPAM returns with url in last name

    I'm running TB 1.08 and was under the impression that it was already fixed in that version. So I better update then. Thanks!
  7. Dolfijn

    SPAM returns with url in last name

    Hello, As we propably all now there was a problem with spam that created fake customers with an url as there last name. It was fixed in PS 1.6.24 and now after I have migrated to TB I have the problem back? I already modified the IsName function with the new name check but I still get spam with last names like : www.lmy.de/aJvUr How can this be true?
  8. Dolfijn

    Sitemap module bug

    Just wondering if this error is already fixed? I'm using beesblog too (started yesterday) and I noticed that the post url's don't make it to the sitemap file yet?
  9. Dolfijn

    Recent blog post block is shown twice at home page

    Thanks!!! Didn't know about Module-> Positions. Know I do and the problem was solved easily.
  10. I have the blog module up and running and also copied the posts of the PS shop to the test TB instance. Everything works as expected, except for the following issue. The module 'Recent posts' is shown at the home page both in the left column and in middle column (at the bottom). So now I have all the recents post shown twice.. If I turn of this option (Recent posts), both blocks dissapear too! When I leave the home page it all works as expected: I only get the Recent post box displayed one time (in the left column). Nice! How can I solve this issue. The theme I use is a slightly customized default theme from PS 1.6 (three colom layout). Must I edit the home page theme and if so, what file (I'm not too familiar with the file structure of PS / TB)? Or is there another cause? BTW 1 : I also don't see any popular posts..? BTW2 : Is there a way to create comments in response to an article for the reader?
  11. Dolfijn

    Blog module always says 'no posts'

    Sorry. Already found it by myself. There is a new (when comparing to the Smartblog module I used in PS) selection box that has to be ticked for each post: the available language box. If ticked, the posts show up!
  12. Dolfijn

    Blog module always says 'no posts'

    I'm finally at the last step in the migration from PS to TB. Last hurdle is the 'migration' from SmartBlog to the TB blog module. The first thing I don't understand is why the Blog module only works in the back office if I set " Disable non thirty bees modules " to No (in /Advanced Parameters/Performance). Otherwise, I get a blank screen (error 500) instead of the blog back office pages. Maybee I did something wrong when uninstalling Smartblog? That didn't went quite well and I finally decided to delete the module code by hand (the four Smartblog modules). Now I configured the TB Blog module and created two posts to see if it works. The two posts show up in the post list in the backoffice fine and are set to active. But at the url <domain>/blog it only tells 'no posts'. What can I do as there is nothing else to configure here.
  13. In the mean time I found out that the problem only exist when using Firefox. With IE or Chrome it all works well. But it is a good idea to always show the VAT number as this is a B2B shop. Thanks!
  14. I found out that the original Prestahop 1.6.24 has the same problem (i keep a working copy for reasons of comparison). So, it is not related to the migration to TB. However, it still is a problem and I can't figure it out. If somebody can share his thoughts I would appreciate it a lot.
  15. Hi there, I finally decided to migrate from PS 1.6 to TB. Up till no no regrets! Although I run into trouble with the EU VAT module. The problem is that the VAT field is not automatically shown when I enter the address part of the registration process where the company field is already populated from the first part of the registration process. The VAT field only shows after saving the address information and then press the Update button. But that is something nobody will ever do naturally. Is there something that I'm doing wrong? I'm using TB 1.08 and VAT Exemption module V2.3.0 Shop is run in B2B mode.