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  1. I solved it! Problem was indeed the individual bees tables that had the latin1 char set. I solved it by exporting these tables to a sql file. There I changed the encoding to utf8 and then dropped, create, insert the new tables. And now I can use the special symbols too. Thanks for all suggestions, especially those from musicmaster! By the way, if I had payed attention to the TB Server Requirements, I would have configured MySql with full UTF-8 support. And this problem would never have occured in the first place 🙂
  2. I checked. But first I have to mention that I made an error looking up the default collation. Is is not utf8mb4_unicode_ci  as I reported but latin1_swedish_ci. Also, i found out that each individuel table uses Colloation utf8_general_ci. Except for all the bees blog tabels. They are all in latin1_swedish_ci. I guess that is due to the fact that the MySQL version I use has a default 'latin1' config. And all the other tables are imported from PS and in the sql export file, all tables are declared with " ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=3 DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;" So, I now expect that if a change the charset of the bees blog tables to utf8 the problem will be solved. Agree? By the way, should I change the default collation into utf8mb4_unicode_ci too (and the default char set to utf8) at the database level?
  3. Sorry, I forgot. I pasted the symbols in the title of a test product. And then all the symbols are displayed correctly!! Both in backend and front-end. What does this mean?
  4. That gives : ?? ???? ?????, ????? ????????, ? ????? ??????. ? ????? ???????????? ?????? ? ???? ???????, ? ?? ??????, ??????, ??????… From what I understand, the mysql database is using UTF-8 instead of utf8mb4. I think I will give changing the sql db charset a try..
  5. I also looked up the server configuration: Server: Localhost via UNIX socket Server type: MySQL Server connection: SSL is not being used Server version: 5.6.42 - MySQL Community Server (GPL) Protocol version: 10 User: Server charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8) From what I now understand, the problem could be in the charset UTF-8 (uses only three bytes). It should be utfmb4 (uses 4 bytes). Can that be right?
  6. I switched the HTMLPurifier off but the problem remains.
  7. The database uses : collation utf8mb4_unicode_ci
  8. I tried the same (copying the symbols from the forum into a new emtpy post). And what I get is: "But symbols like ? (gamma), ? (phie) and ? (pie) are all replaced as a ? (question mark )." It happens immediately after saving the post. So, when I re-edit the post I just saved, the symbols are already replaced by question marks (so i'm still in the back office). Can that still be related to the theme / css and / or font then? I also found out that the question marks exist in the database text field too..
  9. Ok, thank you. Gives me a direction. I'm using the default theme and also the default font. May I asked how you selected / created the symbols in the test post. I copied them from Wikipedia. Maybe that introduced the problem?
  10. Hi, I'm using the TB blog module and I happen to have a store with rather specialized (Radio frequency) hardware products. So, my blog posts are technical too. And sometimes there is some amount of math involved (more often then not). But symbols like Γ (gamma), ϕ (phie) and π (pie) are all replaced as a ? (question mark ). The result is that all post are rendered useless and are very annoying for the reader to read. How can I solve this? Regards, Peter
  11. Hi, Just wondering why the title of a blog post is wrapped in an H4 tag instead of an H1 tag in post.tpl? An H1 tag makes much more sense for a title and it is also better from a SEO point of view. Any particular reason? Of course, I can change it in post.tpl but then it will be overwritten with an update of that file. I just discovered that there is SEO category too on this forum. Probably, this post should be moved to that category. But I don't know how.
  12. I don't now how to reproduce this except that it is happening at my site (If you have additional question, please feel free). I can only tell that I started from PS 1.6.24, migrated to TB, run the updater, installed the blog modules and then tried to run the core updater. I'm running a multishop indeed.
  13. Ah, found it. Now I'm on bleeding edge 🙂 And I checked the last name validation and now it rejects the names containing urls. Thanks for helping me out.
  14. If I try to configure the core updater I get an empty screen. I guess that is not quite right..?
  15. I just checked but the latest stable is release 1.08. What latest version are you referring too?
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