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  1. the.rampage.rado

    Multiple currency handling

    Do you have it installed before all? 😄
  2. the.rampage.rado

    Mail Alerts

    My problem was I was missing a template or two that's why no emails were sent out... 🙂
  3. the.rampage.rado

    Warehouse does not automatically install modules

    The theme does not install 'as normal' because with the current setup of TB it gives an error. That's why your modules are not installed - because they do so after the theme and an error is thrown beforehand and the process is stopped. You can still switch to WH but it looks ugly and you have to manually install all needed modules.
  4. the.rampage.rado

    Problem with url blocklayered filter

    Here this happens when the URL contains not western symbols (in my case - Cyrillic letters).
  5. the.rampage.rado

    Core updater vs thirtybees updater

    @Traumflug would you recommend updating to the latest version with core updater on production site? (of course keeping in mind backups, etc)
  6. the.rampage.rado

    Bulgarian income angency madness relating online shops

    The QR code on every cash receipt was also introduced with the same legislation. I 100% agree that if implemented correctly such changes in the sector should lead to more taxes and less 'grey' sector where merchants operate without companies, etc. But keeping in mind I live in Bulgaria, the most corupt place in EU I highly doubt that the information they collect will be used as it should be. I have no problem to update my cash register software and even apply fixes to my invoicing software (which is website based and costs nothing). But when some stupid people try to force additional burden on small merchants this I can't accept. The requirement is as follows - if you accept payment with card or by cash on delivery you should connect your register with your shop. Who, how and when will write you the software (because it have to be executable software on your server or PC, located where you operate) that must be synced with the shop (which can be hosted on another continent) - nobody knows... I bet even in the income agency nobody thought about this use case. And I believe even syncing local software is not permitted - the original software will have to be 'connected'. How a php app located kms away can connect with my register - I don't know. And then there must be some sort of API for all register manufacutrers where all calls are listed so the software engeneers can write one code per system that fits all cash registers - no, no... every manucturer will have it's own way and thus making their machines work with only their software (not only online based). Of course the telecoms rised the price of the cash register sim cards by double or triple.. This have nothing to do with this new nonesense.. no... :)
  7. I just had to tell you about this nonsense! 😄 Our income agency (or at least some people working there) is so stupid that in attempt to counteract on big ventures and hospitality sector using software to manage their bussiness they introduced a requirement for each and every online store operated by Bulgarian company in Bulgaria to have their payment receipt printer connected permanently to the software operating the site. And they not only mean ERP syncing with TB or PS and then the cash receipt printer to be connected to the ERP. They want each and every warehousing, eccomerce or large (SAP large) ERP or CMS to be connected with the machine. Even better they require that if no connection is detected the user should not be able to complete their order. They did this because large % of the sales in hotels, restorants and bars are unaccounted and VAT is stollen that way but they wrote down the requirments so stupidly that they are now forsing all companies (not only eccomerce ones) using some sort of "order tracking software" (warehouse software falls here too!) to have a module which connects to their cash receipt printer. And not only that but they require access to all db in this system (no data privacy from their side of course!) and their souce code. I'm still waiting for SAP to reveal their source to those ignorent corupt bastards... Right after that I'll send my link to TB's github so they can know how rich I am that I have to have second job otherwise I would not be able to pay my rent, put food on the table and pay my bills...
  8. @perryg I'm sending my emails through fax, no printer problems here :)
  9. the.rampage.rado

    Core updater vs thirtybees updater

    So if we uninstall the old updater we won't see the available updates in Modules page?
  10. the.rampage.rado

    duplicate TB website

    You can assign which products to use where in multistore. So you can see all of them or only the ones you assigned for the shop you are working on. I ditched multistore couple of years ago because it was too buggy at least in ps 1.6.0 stages and no real work was done there. I don't know how much progress is there in tb but now I'm building all my shops one by one, yes there is some 2-3 hours work to get everything up and running as I want it but most of it is theme config and design work so it can't be saved in multistore.
  11. the.rampage.rado

    duplicate TB website

    And of course you need new db - dump your current one and make new one where you upload the backup. For configuring this you will have to delve into config files and change the DB creditnails...
  12. the.rampage.rado

    duplicate TB website

    Yes, you can do that . You can point your domain to a foler containing your copy and when you open your admin you have to change the shor URLs in SEO section so you can get your front office to work. Also you have to keep all your links relative when setting up menu, homepage CMSes, etc.
  13. the.rampage.rado

    Error 500 after instaling tbupdater module

    Lol... I was even unaware of this new feature! Always was wondering where I can decode those codes...
  14. the.rampage.rado

    Getting SQL error - 1.0.7 to 1.0.8

    There's a quick fix for your error here: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/2363/thirty-bees-getting-better-and-better-release-1-0-8/76 You have to asign your new feature in Email section. The devs forgot to put default sql call for it in 1.0.8 but your update is done just as good...
  15. @elund said in [No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA installed, but start receiving spam mails again](/post/23821): > @datakick - My login attempts is already set to zero, so this doesn't help me. > @the-rampage-rado - Which free PrestaShop module did you install instead of the Thirty Bees module? > I use the Panda theme: https://www.sunnytoo.com/product/panda-creative-responsive-prestashop-theme. > @SLiCK_303 - did you get your spam problem fixed? Contact form anti-spam: reCAPTCHA and blacklist v1.1.4 - by Presta.Site If when installing it tells you that it can't be installed that's because the module here is not removing it's override on uninstall and you have to manually delete it. You must go to override/controllers/front/ and delete contact-blah-blah... one.