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  1. the.rampage.rado

    Core updater vs thirtybees updater

    So if we uninstall the old updater we won't see the available updates in Modules page?
  2. the.rampage.rado

    duplicate TB website

    You can assign which products to use where in multistore. So you can see all of them or only the ones you assigned for the shop you are working on. I ditched multistore couple of years ago because it was too buggy at least in ps 1.6.0 stages and no real work was done there. I don't know how much progress is there in tb but now I'm building all my shops one by one, yes there is some 2-3 hours work to get everything up and running as I want it but most of it is theme config and design work so it can't be saved in multistore.
  3. the.rampage.rado

    duplicate TB website

    And of course you need new db - dump your current one and make new one where you upload the backup. For configuring this you will have to delve into config files and change the DB creditnails...
  4. the.rampage.rado

    duplicate TB website

    Yes, you can do that . You can point your domain to a foler containing your copy and when you open your admin you have to change the shor URLs in SEO section so you can get your front office to work. Also you have to keep all your links relative when setting up menu, homepage CMSes, etc.
  5. the.rampage.rado

    Error 500 after instaling tbupdater module

    Lol... I was even unaware of this new feature! Always was wondering where I can decode those codes...
  6. the.rampage.rado

    Getting SQL error - 1.0.7 to 1.0.8

    There's a quick fix for your error here: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/2363/thirty-bees-getting-better-and-better-release-1-0-8/76 You have to asign your new feature in Email section. The devs forgot to put default sql call for it in 1.0.8 but your update is done just as good...
  7. @elund said in [No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA installed, but start receiving spam mails again](/post/23821): > @datakick - My login attempts is already set to zero, so this doesn't help me. > @the-rampage-rado - Which free PrestaShop module did you install instead of the Thirty Bees module? > I use the Panda theme: https://www.sunnytoo.com/product/panda-creative-responsive-prestashop-theme. > @SLiCK_303 - did you get your spam problem fixed? Contact form anti-spam: reCAPTCHA and blacklist v1.1.4 - by Presta.Site If when installing it tells you that it can't be installed that's because the module here is not removing it's override on uninstall and you have to manually delete it. You must go to override/controllers/front/ and delete contact-blah-blah... one.
  8. Did you try switching off smarty cache for debuging or returning to older version of php?
  9. Thank you @datakick - you are awesome as always!!! Will check and report back asap. I can report one more bug with 1.1.0 but it's not that important - it does not remove it's front override when uninstalling. One must manually delete it in order to install another module. EDIT: Yes, it's working just as expected that way!!! Happy as hell!
  10. the.rampage.rado

    Off Topic - New German Packaging Laws

    You as importer/manufacturer
  11. So as I suspected the module is faulty not my theme... :) Hope devs have time soon to check it and fix the override if needed because it's quality module and we need captcha everywhere not just on contact page. ;)
  12. What theme do you use? With warehouse I have this issue on all TB shops and I was forced to uninstall this module and install one free module for PS instead. ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/rBy7Xnl.jpg)
  13. the.rampage.rado

    Off Topic - New German Packaging Laws

    The problem with all those packages and overpackaging that we see in large scale operation should be fixed at the other end. Where the retailers, dealers, etc get their packaging stuff - they should pay this tax when obtaining the packaging. If you operate in EU and put product in the market or retail/distribute it you should pay the tax but when obtaining the product form your dealer or when obtaining the transportation packaging from your supplier. I don't see anybody giving a 2 cents about this in Easter Europe in the next 20 years I'm afraid... I don't know what the avobe mentioned calculator does but if I have 15 packages a year with boxes of 0,75 kg each then I have to pay 69 Euro... excuse me... but do you take your medications?!?
  14. the.rampage.rado

    Shared hosting, two installs

    And one of them is in subfolder with addon domain.
  15. the.rampage.rado

    Lots of errors when using/installing panda theme

    Also I would not run TB or PS on anything higher than php7. Try switching even back to 5.6 if posible for the install/update procedure and then turn back to 7.