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  1. I don't have 100 products per shipping so that's easier... :)
  2. Your problem may be caused by Template Compilation setting in Performance. When you reopen your translations page you see an old copy with the old strings, when you click save they are written down together with your new changes. You should keep this at "Recompile if changed" setting to avoid this issue. The "Recompile always" will give large performance penalty and thus is not for 'production' and only for editing and fixing period. Hope this makes sense!
  3. But as I said they are not online anymore. The plugin has some errors with php7+ so it must be configured in 5.6 and then it's completely usable in 7+. Affiliate Program v1.9.8 - by Presta-Apps Solutions
  4. I use the plugin from presta apps, they are no longer online but it's working sort of.
  5. I'll try to export Bulgarian tonight. It's not complete but majority of FO is translated.
  6. Ok, whatev... :) I'm not posting this in order to dispute with you. You know much much more than I do.
  7. It does it work as far as I have tested it. It 'punches holes' for the cart and user info modules and they show perfectly fine. One can also punch holes for other modules but I don't find need for that at the moment. It caches everything other than that. Probably will have to punch a hole for my content creator module because it doesn't show 'random' products now, but if it's working in every other part of the site why not use it as is and simply show only the 'latest' products.
  8. Hello, I'm testing this module for 2 of my 1.1.0 installations and it seems to be working just fine with default settings and warehouse theme. https://github.com/litespeedtech/lscache_prestashop Can you give your feedback on it?
  9. I noticed this today. I had to revert to a backup of the db but I doubt it's the problem. I noticed few strings that I'm pretty sure were translated and when I click save nothing happens, the page reloads with normal success text and the translation is not saved. Tried disabling all caches, etc... Noting helped UNTIL I remembered the recent fix in template compilation. Please can somebody make a info text there saying " "Please enable Force compilation" when you make manual changes to the templates or translations through BO". This will help lot of merchants I think.
  10. I think this should end up in the next version of the software ! https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/pulls GREAT WORK!
  11. It's not a module. It's a submenu under Modules. :)
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