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  1. I think he will issue his own Core updater which will be able to switch between the software.
  2. If you have time could you check those settings and say what you think? :)
  3. If I was you boys I would now sit down and try to bring @Traumflug onboard and three of you get on the task to make a clear roadmap for this project because as of now you're the glue holding it together. If @Traumflug is gone nothing good shall come to this idea. Please bury the hatchet and bring your best ideas to the table making sure you are honest about your intentions but also make sure that the other two are happy with the way ahead. The future of many of our shops depends of you three guys and I'm sorry but if you had worked so hard for this idea for so long time I believe that funding will have to wait. If you really bring the proj back on track (with clear and user-oriented roadmap, clear and open communication with us, timely bugfixes and code maintenance) I believe that the investment of money and time you made will pay back. And then you will have the community behind you as it was behind the founding members. If now the proj get a forge it's all gone - the money to be/have been invested, your time and energy. Forget about our shops, fuck it, the people that make money will migrate, the ones like me that do it like a hobby will simply close down when time comes. The idea of better, open source, working and user-oriented ecommerce platform will be gone...
  4. What issues do you experienced? I'm running it on 3 websites and sometimes if you mess the settings there could be strange things happening but I think I found the working settings for me. Can you share your settings page?
  5. Are they really not sent or they end up in the junk folder? It happens to me from time to time and I think it's because of the information in the templates, some filter somewhere think these emails are spam but let's the test emails through (so I don't believe you have bad rep problem or you are blacklisted).
  6. If you are not VAT registered you don't have to charge VAT for any sale (UK, EU, outside-EU). I doubt something will change about that.
  7. It's not a but, you can't edit whatever you want. If you want changes like that you have to make tweaks to your theme/module
  8. This checkbox makes only the combination default. The order in which the images are shown is decided in the image upload window.
  9. The guest account can be converted to registered user but it's not needed. If the user does not register an account with you he/she may not order from you again. If they do they can reenter all their data if the browser does not autopopulate it for them (rarely) so no need to turn off this feature imo.
  10. Both systems use different type of hashing the passwords so the "old" system passwords will never give the proper "answer" to the new system when they try to log in so they will receive the "wrong pass" message. But if you have logged in before and now you're not able to do probably this is separate errror. Try clearing all caches and try logging in in incognito mode (or different browser).
  11. Give us link to work with. With this screenshot we are not able to grasp what module or where it is hooked...
  12. Very highly doubt this is related. As I advised you should have created backup of your DB. Now after the fixes - create backup of the after situation and restore your old one to check if this spinning button is fixed. If not you can restore the after situation and continue with the fixes while you search for solution to this issue.
  13. Hi there I would like to post this here as I lost couple of hours yesterday trying to identify the issue with my oldest shop and because of it's nature (migrated from PS, etc) I would like to have a discussion here and find if this applies to current TB installations aswell. Years ago I had few categories like 'Basketballs' in my shop. They were long gone because I made new shop for this and other sports and left the current one with just one sport. Because I would like to reintroduce other brands selling basketball and other ball sports I had to make new category Basketball and then under it Basketballs. When I added products there the breadcrumbs in my front shop were all messed up. Instead of Home>Basketball>Basketballs there were other old deleted categories in there, one of which was Basketballs also, something like: Home>Basketball>old_category>other_oldcategory>Basketballs>Basketballs The issue is that because of the new TB category SEO URLs w/o ID in them the system picks the oldes SEO URL that matches and puts it in the navigation (with it's parent category). First of all I was - WTF!? The issue is gone after I manually deleted the old categories from DB from ps_category_lang (they should be deleted from other tables as well but I've lost the IDs and it's working now, so I'm not bothered). The old deleted categories were not showing in the category tree structure in BO. I have a brand new TB demo instalation and now I'll try to reproduce the issue there as well. EDIT: the TB demo with the latest updates behaves normally and deletes the category from all tables. So this issue should be because of the migration from PS or even before that. Can somebody with migrated old shop as mine make this test and search for the deleted category in ps_category_lang (and the other category tables) so we can find out if this can be reproduced?
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