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  1. I think this should end up in the next version of the software ! https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/pulls GREAT WORK!
  2. It's not a module. It's a submenu under Modules. :)
  3. Delete your first image. You have confidential info there. I was not talking about this page but the one under Modules -> Payments It should be like this:
  4. For the card payments - can you send a screenshot of your config in Modules -> Payments? (the whole page)
  5. First of all - after the migration all duplicate modules by PS are still there. You should go through one by one and uninstall and reinstall the TB ones. If you have done this and you have no problems other than the missing images and missing payments by card you are ready to proceed. For the images - try going to Images - there set the proper settings as you need them and Save. Then back on the same page regenerate all the thumbnails. For the missing payments - do you have all the proper settings in Modules -> Payments. All currencies supported and all groups should be enabled for the selected payment module to show when needed.
  6. Any other info from my last post? Can you send a link on PM?
  7. What do you mean by 'cart missing'? The block is not shown in the theme or the popup does not display? Did you try uninstalling the old PS cart module and then reinstalling the TB version which has few code changes? Also what theme do you use? Do you have ajax enabled for it? Did you try to clear cache (both BO way and manually in /cache/smarty/)?
  8. What do you mean by 'the button does not work'? Also if the shop can be configured to use 1 step checkout so we can test it would help.
  9. This version is also stable enough for me to use, so go ahead and jump!
  10. If you use the inbuild invoicing that's another word...
  11. And probably you rely heavily on the inbuild income stats? Just refund the money and then if needed manually corect this in the report. I doubt it happens more than once in a month. There are far more important bugs or missing functionalities in the code.
  12. Looks promosing! What will be the price?
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