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  1. Ended up switching back to the community theme itself and then directly editing it. Seems like something gets seriously broken when you use the theme exporter. (Export current Theme). I was trying not to directly modify the community theme itself to prevent issues with future updates.
  2. Even switching to the default community theme and regenerating thumbnails does not resolve the issue. I would also note that this theme is a direct copy of the default community theme.
  3. Yes sorry, if you are out of the US you are blocked. Sorry. But any suggestions are helpful.
  4. The thumbnails are generated and regenerated and regenerated. The HTaccess file is generated and deleted and regenerated. What do you need a link to? The pictures appear to be trying to link to a directory that does not exist. Is there somewhere in the database that you can edit the links? The site is at https://www.firefightersfair.net/ Also I should note that it does not matter what theme is used, it is just broken.
  5. Have a new shop using 1.1.0 and all of the product images show as missing in the front, even though they are there in the back.
  6. So over the last few years I have tried a few Abandoned Cart modules that are supposed to email someone after a few hours to remind them their card was abandoned, but none of them seemed well coded or actually worked right. Does anyone have any experience with a module that does this that does work correctly? P.S. I don't want to send coupon codes, it is ok if the module can do this as long as I can shut it off.
  7. Is there a way or module to make the customer double enter their email address during registration to make sure they entered the correct address. We have a lot of people mistyping their email addresses.
  8. pmfjoe

    Affiliate Module

    @vincentdenkspel Thank you, I will check it out.
  9. pmfjoe

    Affiliate Module

    @30knees Thanks, it would seem though that it is no longer available or actively developed .
  10. pmfjoe

    Affiliate Module

    Does anyone know of a good affiliate module that tracks links. Such as providing a link like www.store.com/?Abc123 and then would track hits and purchases made?
  11. Luckily as I don't deal with Europeans I don't have to worry about GDPR and honestly if you don't know of a module that does this then please don't other replying since you are not being helpful. I asked a question whether a module existed and not for opinions.
  12. Are there any modules out there that allow a link in the confirmation email to link directly to the order history or order details page without having the user login?
  13. @zimmer-media The only one in crisis here seems to be you. Stop creating issues where none exist. Just because you have an issue with 2 modules doesn't mean every one does (and yes I realize there was someone else who had a similar issue with 1 of the modules). If you are so unhappy with TB and are already moving your site then please just leave, better yet go back to PS and see how helpful they are when you have an issue.
  14. @zimmer-media I actually did read the entire thing and all the comments. I am not sure how it works for you and to each is own but my time is valuable and if I am spending it trying in vain to fix something I am losing money. I don't think and would never call you an asshole.
  15. @zimmer-media I do use TB on 2 live sites that bring in a lot of money, one of them over $100k, they work way better than with PS 1.6. I will be adding a 3rd site within the next few months. Prior to TB I was planning on ditching PS for WP. Both use PayPal one uses a paid module from presto-changeo, the higher grossing site actually uses the TB integrated module. Look what it comes down to for me is I have almost never been able to get help in the PS forums when I had issues so any help found here is already 100% better, I always had to figure it out my self with PS. If I was having the issue you were paying for 2 hours of support is what I would do without question. I really can't believe that the cost of switching platforms is less than the cost of 2 or even 5 hours of paid support. I would also note I am not really a developer but do contribute back on Patreon.
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