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  1. Traumflug, i did it before:
  2. Hello i update my PS -> and all works fine; i can't migrate my shop. After 2-5 seconds i get this error: "Error during download". I attach printcreen. i am using migrator tool from here: https://thirtybees.com/migrate-from-prestashop/ https://github.com/thirtybees/psonesixmigrator/releases/tag/2.1.0 i check and download manualy files to ...admin5388/psonesixmigrator/download/thirtybees-v1.0.8.zip and get same error. how can i solve this problem? one more question: can i migrate to 1.1.0 not to 1.0.8 ? PHP 5.6.30
  3. No, i dont, but i thinking about it. If it work well, i will try.
  4. Hello, when brand new user (email is not in customers list) try to pay with express payment, he faild. He get JS alert "payment Failure". After that, client appears on the customer list, and second time he can pay with PayPal expres button. One more problem, if customers country is not enabled on TB BO Localization -> Countries, PayPal charge money, and when get back to shop ...module/paypal/incontextconfirm?confirm=1&PayerID=****&paymentID=**** get 500 error, with development mod i get error "throw new PrestaShopException('The delivery address country is not active.');" so, money charged, but i cant see any order on orders list. TB 1.1.0 theme default Niara PayPal v5.4.3 - by thirty bees PHP 7.2.21 MySql 5.7.27-30
  5. Hello, i am doing new shop with multilanguage. Main language is DE. Extra languages: FR and EN. Can i remove in default language DE tag from url? bad: shopname.com/de/category/product_name good: shopname.com/category/product_name good: shopname.com/en/category/product_name, shopname.com/fr/category/product_name....
  6. Try fresh install 1.1.0 on my windows 10 64 local host with XAMP 3.2.2 5.5.5-10.1.32-MariaDB PHP 7.1.17 Apache/2.4.33 (Win32) 1.0.8 works fine
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