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  1. No fear of big databases. phpMyAdmin doesn't load this DB into memory, just connects to the db server. That said, you can go to phpMyAdmin and sort the database by table size. There are a number of tables getting huge over the years, but essentially collect just data for statistics. One can clear (but not delete) these tables. For even better performance, look up a thing called 'Adminer'. It's kind of a lightweight phpMyAdmin. Using MySQL command line is actually the best idea. One can pipe its output right into a compressor, like: mysqldump db_name | gzip -c > db_name.sql.gz
  2. It connects to both. To the Merchant's Edition repository for Merchant's Edition releases and to the thirty bees repository for thirty bees releases. It's perfectly fine to use this updater to update from one thirty bees release to another thirty bees release, one gets a genuine thirty bees installation.
  3. Of course you get it. Just like you ship orders in your shop only after payment, developers ship code only after payment. If you want code for free, ship orders in your shop for free. That's about the equivalent. - - - - - Alright, I'll stop this discussion at this point. Trying to explain reality to a crowd of people which simply doesn't want to accept this reality just too disencouraging. Preparing the next Merchant's Edition release is much more fun, even with the certain knowledge that people in this discussion thread will yell at it again. Happy yelling, all of you 🙂
  4. An important thing for starters: when googling for solutions, also search solutions for PrestaShop 1.6. thirty bees is a derivate, so 80% of the old stuff still applies, just all the bugs are gone.
  5. One can also allow ordering of out-of-stock products. Preferences -> Products -> bottom panel.
  6. I think all these "recommendations" and "ideas" are actually driving developers away. A call for "democracy" in such a context is just kind of an euphemism for "you're obliged do my work for free!". If there is kind of a democracy, ballots aren't forum postings, but code contributions.
  7. The mechanism goes like this: Recognize a bug. Approach a developer and say "There is this this bug, here are the steps to reproduce it (1. ..., 2. ..., 3. ..., 4. ..., ...). Please fix it, offer the result as a pull request on Github and send the invoice to me." Pay the invoice and enjoy. Pretty simple and effective.
  8. This certainly applies to Open Source projects more than elsewhere.
  9. Then go ahead and do it. Nobody stops you to hire a developer if you don't feel like doing it yourself.
  10. One should fix such things. JavaScript has influence on what gets saved. A typical reason for this kind of error is thirty bees sending back an (HTML) error page as answer to an Ajax request. To find out what's going on, open developer console and look at the raw response.
  11. Are you using a CDN like Cloudflare? This could be an explanation for such delayed acceptance. In this case, just waiting an hour instead of saving three times would be one solution, among others.
  12. Back office -> Catalog -> Products -> (click product) -> Customization. Enter the number of file uploads you want and save. Then go there again to edit decoration.
  13. Then you have to ask the person doing such claims. For example, why he thinks thirty bees can copy from PrestaShop, but not from Merchant's Edition, while all three come with the same licenses.
  14. There is no such reason, no idea on where you picked this up. Merchant's Edition is just as open source as thirty bees, which includes coming with the same license.
  15. For the short term, that's certainly true. Long term not so much, because one deviates more and more from public sources. Eventually it's no longer possible to fetch public sources, one has to skip all the enhancements appearing there. This question applies to core developers as well 🙂 For me, it certainly needs some addiction and love for this blob of nice software. ... or worse, they post extended wishlists here, which they expect to be implemented for free 🙂 Some even yell around if they don't get donated what they want (looking at you, @Briljander). And then there are merchants which got the idea: they engage developers for this or that task, happily pay an extra hour for solid solutions in favor of barely working ones and happily see the result of this work going public. That said, one reason for not so much appearing in core is that most work on shops goes into third party modules. Some are quite fragile and break as soon as used together with another module. Another reason is that new features aren't ready for prime time the moment they get implemented. Core Updater had to be written three times until it was good enough. Err, I mean until it was as great as it's now. Merchant's Edition's next new feature, recognition of updateable PrestaShop modules, currently gets implemented for the second time as well. First version simply didn't work out in some details, so it doesn't make sense to push these commits to public 🙂
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