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  1. Traumflug

    Sold statistics button on product page missing?

    Fixed. See https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/dc562ddd0534a21c707741f9a5c52b2256ffd53c
  2. Traumflug

    Sending order Statuses

    I just tried to reproduce this, but no matter how often I change order status or resend a status email, I can't produce a 500 error. Did this on 1.0.8 as well as on latest 1.0.x. It looks like a more detailed step-by-step procedure to reproduce this issue is required. Where exactly to click in front office, where in back office, which payment method, status change from which status to which other status.
  3. Traumflug

    GitUpdater preview

    No need to apologize. Looks like I overreacted a bit. You mean this error happens when trying to install the module already? Then there's obviously something wrong with the code installing modules. In back office -> Advanced Preferences -> Configuration Information is a list of changed files at the bottom of the page. Does this list any changes?
  4. Traumflug

    GitUpdater preview

    Where? thirty bees officially supports PHP 7.2. Also, module GitUpdater is abandoned in favor of Core Updater. Not only a rename, but also latest fixes. It should appear in the module list in back office.
  5. Traumflug

    WebP image format

    There is some support for it, but not yet ready for consumption. Too many other, more crucial bugs.
  6. Traumflug

    Collapsible text block for CMS (FAQs)

    This is how Core Updater does it: https://github.com/thirtybees/coreupdater/blob/master/views/js/controller.js#L289 It's JavaScript only (using Bootstrap features), no template, CSS or HTML changes needed. To get this working elsewhere, adjusting usage of the field parameter should be sufficient.
  7. Traumflug

    Moving From Sub Domain to Main Website

    Back office should work right after the move. To get front office working as well, adjust Shop Domain, SSL Domain and Base URI in back office -> Preferences -> SEO & URLs.
  8. Traumflug

    Delivery Calendar

    Pretty much all PrestaShop 1.6 modules work on thirty bees as well, so the obvious idea is to look there.
  9. Traumflug

    Installation with non-English language issue

    This should be solved, the PHP Mbstring extension is a requirement now. Thanks for reporting!
  10. Traumflug

    Image format does nothing

    ... except that it hurts to see such suffix abuse 🙂 But you're right, even PNGs get a .jpg suffix and it works.
  11. Traumflug

    Multiple currency handling

    It's the Block Currencies module. It appears as soon as a second currency is installed.
  12. Traumflug

    Cross-platform identity management

    This would require substantial changes to customer and employee handling. Especially if it had to fit a random "some other system". AFAIK there is no gold standard for user handling, each web software uses a custom solution.
  13. Nice catch, and excellent bug report! Let's not forget this: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/893
  14. Traumflug

    htaccess regenerates by cron or something?

    There's at least a large number of reasons why .htaccess needs regeneration. One can still add custom code, though. Code above the line with ~~start~~ and below the line with ~~end~~ is left untouched on regeneration.
  15. Traumflug

    Migrating from subfolder

    Unless you removed Joomla in this process, this obviously mixes Joomla and thirty bees files, which is pretty much like asking for trouble. There's no drawback in running thirty bees in a subfolder. Many merchants do this.