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  1. There's a switch for this in back office -> menu -> Advanced Parameters -> Performance, called 'Disable non thirty bees modules'. That said, there are like-named modules by thirty bees, so it might well be modules "enhanced" by some theme developer.
  2. Forget the decoration, neither GitKraken nor PHPstorm are necessary. To get started, copy one of the themes: cd themes cp -rp community-theme-default my-new-theme Which one doesn't matter. Both are technically almost the same, just (S)CSS is quite distinct. Then edit config.xml inside the new theme with your favorite code editor (vi, nano, geany, gedit, sublime, whatever): cd my-new-theme geany config.xml Edit fields name and directory in the upper few lines. Each appears twice. Name is arbitrary, directory should match the actual directory. Save the file. Why these edits are necessary? Well, PrestaShop decided it this way 10 years ago and changing this would easily break existing themes. At this point you can install the theme already. It'll look like the one you copied, but it's the new one. Then you can build the theme: npm install npm run compile-css npm run format-js npm run copy-index npm run clean-up First command is needed only once, second command is the essential one, the other ones are tidying up code a bit. As you didn't change anything yet, a new build shouldn't change anything. Now you're ready for editing the theme. Template file (.tpl) file edits take effect immediately. JavaScript files as well. Just reload the page in your browser and the change is there. Regaring CSS: don't edit .css files, but the .scss ones. After each edit, rebuild the theme, then reload the page in the browser. At this point you're in the middle of development already. Cheers!
  3. Fractional quantities are not supported, AFAIK. But one can sell single centimeters, then let the customer adding such centimeters using the up/down button. Tweaks, like starting with 100 cm or adding 10 cm per click or displaying 100 cm as 1.0 m are a matter of JavaScript in the theme (product page, checkout page). This leaves just one issue open: a customer wanting two lengths in one order. E.g. a piece with 150 cm as well as a piece with 200 cm. Shop logic would join this to one piece of 350 cm. Other than this it should work well.
  4. Traumflug

    Checkout broken

    Bleeding Edge as of when? This version changes with every commit pushed to the Github repository. Which means, one should update every now and then.
  5. There were 11 bugfix commits over the last month. Not as much as there could be, but also more than nothing.
  6. Try a look into product-list-item.tpl. This template gets included by a number of other templates showing product lists.
  7. This site triggers requests to various Google and Facebook services (fonts, maps, ...) without user consent. Not compliant with GDPR. 'Foto_02' isn't just above 100 kiB, it's 395 kiB, three times as big a you consider necessary. Still it downloads in 768 ms here, not in more than 3 seconds like in this waterfall diagram. It's Friday 14:00 h now, cheap hosting likely suffers more in peak times.
  8. Traumflug

    Shop Now Link

    Well, it behaves exactly as configured. If you want a distinct configuration, go to back office -> Modules & Services, find the image slider module and click on 'Configure', then scroll down a bit and click 'Edit' on the image you want to configure. There one can change texts as well as the URL on click. BTW., this button shape is just visual. Clicking anywhere else on the slided image gives the same result.
  9. Cloudflare comes with the same can of worms as full page caching. Shops require dynamic content, e.g. distinct content of the same page depending on the user currently logged in. Caches remove this dynamic, so one has to take care to disable the cache where it harms.
  10. Theme name gets prefixed to the image type name to allow multiple themes being installed. For example, having community-theme-default in one shop and Niara in another shop of a multishop setup. This didn't work before tb 1.1.0. It looks like you use a module or theme which uses hardcoded image type names rather than looked up ones.
  11. For the records, this claim of TLS 1.2 not working is a known issue. For many years, PayPal provided a host where one could simply do a request and read the result to find out whether TLS 1.2 is supported or not. However, last year PayPal decided to switch off this host, so all tests fail. There is a refined test, which still works, but this didn't spread everywhere, yet.
  12. There's even a 'investigate element' ('Element untersuchen') in the right-click menu, which does this with one click.
  13. Traumflug

    New Panda Update

    Switch to debug mode (back office -> Advanced Parameters -> Performance) to see the actual error report. If you can't, because it's already a production shop, look into log/2020... to see at least a hint. Third option is to download the encrypted message on this 500 page and decrypt it in back office -> Advanced Parameters -> Logs.
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