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  1. Traumflug

    Bug in Custom Payments - order total is zero

    Well, if you're capable of stepping through the database, totals are in table tb_order; lines (one product * quantity) are in table tb_order_details. Yes, there's some redundant information. Price with tax, price without tax and price ... which is the one which was shown to the customer and matches one of the other two. Also a couple of values which are recorded for (I assume) statistics. One can look up these tables to see whether there are zero'd prices. If you're also capable of reading PHP code, look at this: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/blob/1.0.x/classes/order/OrderDetail.php#L701-L708 it literally sets prices not validating to '', which means 0.000000. Payment modules should not be involved. While orders are indeed created from a cart at the end of the payment process (class PaymentModule), they'd have to override that whole method.
  2. Traumflug

    GitUpdater preview

    Running the updater should correct this. If not, Core Updater needs improvement. And yes, I'm dreaming of consistency checks as well. Probably happens not before v1.2.0, though.
  3. Traumflug

    Bug in Custom Payments - order total is zero

    Black irony is, some of the old PS code would simply set prices to zero in case there are too many digits behind the decimal. And this happens easily, think of periodic numbers like 3.12121212... Code introduced in 2014. While this gets corrected with the current price calculation audit (an exception is certainly better in such a case, proper rounding to avoid it first place even more), the quick fix is to look up method isPrice() in classes/Validate.php and make it return always true.
  4. Not that I can confirm this, but I've filed a Github issue: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/849
  5. Traumflug

    core updater - Windows XAMPP problem

    The module assumes forward slashes, that's true.
  6. Traumflug

    Sold statistics button on product page missing?

    Put it onto the TODO list for the 1.1.0 release.
  7. Bleeding Edge isn't supposed to be marked as stable. It's the current state of development. That said, thirty bees takes great care that every single commit in the repository gives a working installation. Which means, big failures when updating to a random Git commit are unlikely. Regarding your question I'm not sure what you want. If an update to current 1.0.x works, what's the problem? Software doesn't get better if it receives a big STABLE stamp.
  8. Traumflug

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    I had a talk to Lesley, thirty bees will keep this kludge for a while.
  9. Traumflug

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    For tweaking default behavior there's the well established hooks mechanism.
  10. Traumflug

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    Maybe it's disappointing to some of you, but thirty bees is going to make running a shop easier, not harder.
  11. Traumflug

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    Those who want to run a shop and sell goods rather than wrestle with technical details of the shop software.
  12. Traumflug

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    It'd be better to advance the implementation rather than adding more pain to merchants. Setting up a shop with thirty bees* is pretty complex already and burdening merchants with even more complexity, like additional switches to consider, is counterproductive. * This probably applies to our fellow competitors as well, thirty bees should be better than these.
  13. Traumflug

    Language added every night.....

    Which "TB updater"? Module tbupdater or module Core Updater? Neither of them should do anything on their own, much less install additional packages.
  14. Traumflug

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    What's the point of this switch? It's hardly imaginable a merchant does not want SEO fields.
  15. Traumflug

    Cant get pack product on stock....

    Guess: one of the products in the pack has zero quantity.