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  1. Hi @data Please advise if this bug is corrected?
  2. Hello, I have I have two servers EU and USA. Geo DNS from AWS cloudfront. I have noticed that very rare but sometimes geoDNS is tricky. It redirect customer after the order to wrong shop and there is no order in BO. Payment is done, but there is no registration order. Have you faced with similar problems? I think that is because on payments like paypal there is no redirect to correct server by IP or something for better return/validation of the server side. It use domain but it is wrong redirected. The same problems with stripe. No errors in logs, nothing. I think that is only related to geoDNS. Is there any way to add something to Stripe module or Paypal module like IP? @lesley @datakick Have you had a similar problems?
  3. Do you know how to fix it? When you will fix it please share. Thank you. I will double check and test. Further reading about Vary issue: https://community.cloudflare.com/t/vary-user-agent-ignored/23988
  4. Cloudflare free will ignore, with Cloudflare pro you should not use webp as it will take care by Cloudflare polish option available in pro. So with Cloudflare pro you should delete all generated webp. Cloudflare free - no support Vary header, older browser will not works I need to test this with Amaozon AWS Cloudfront.
  5. This is not a Thirtybees bug this is a Cloudflare "feature". Cloudfare anyway will ignore any Vary header.
  6. Hello @datakick have you test your solution with older browser or Safari e.g 12, which do not support webP? "The problem with free Cloudflare it doesn't support HTTP Vary header for cache so when Chrome/Firefox webP supported browser populates Cloudflare cache and then next visitor uses Safari browser which doesn't support webP, then Cloudflare will serve a webP image for Safari user which will be a broken image. " "Cloudflare cache not supporting HTTP Vary header" With Chrome and Firefox everything will work. With older Safari no. I have your code, I have changed it little and I see that it not works with Safari 12, with Safari 13 works. Do not use any emulator or testing websites as there are false positive. MAC or browser. Have you test it? Safari browser: http://appldnld.apple.com/Safari5/041-5487.20120509.INU8B/SafariSetup.exe I am looking a solution: location ~ (.+)\.(png|jpe?g)$ { if ( $http_accept ~* webp ) { set $webp "A"; } if ( $request_filename ~ (.+)\.(png|jpe?g)$ ) { set $file_without_ext $1; } if ( -f $file_without_ext.webp ) { set $webp "${webp}E"; } if ( $webp = AE ) { add_header Vary Accept; rewrite (.+)\.(png|jpe?g)$ $1.webp break; } } https://gist.github.com/sergejmueller/7672727
  7. @Peter do you use any configuration for Prestashop or Thirtybees for https://www.modpagespeed.com/doc/build_ngx_pagespeed_from_source ??? @data have you test ngx_pagespeed Nginx module? I am looking for config for ngx_pagespeed. Can anyone share?
  8. use original IP address changed by cloudflare what is for? what is the purpose?
  9. From my knowledge. Easiest way is to use Cloudflare Pro or higher paid plan and enable Polish with webP on the fly conversion. Cloudflare free plan doesn't support webP nor does it support Nginx level webP Cloudflare can't properly cache webP files and different between supported webP browsers and non-supported like Safari if done at Nginx level. With Cloudflare pro and higher it make automatically conversion to WebP. Do you agree with it? How your config works? Which Cloudflare plan do you use? # use original IP address changed by cloudflare for what it is this option? How it works?
  10. Hello @datakick Does Thirtybees support WebP images? Is there any module? Please have a look at centminmod LEMP it is very poverful and out of box LEMP.
  11. I am sorry @lesley I did not saw that you have answered. I was testing more for tests and SEO. I get more mess then benefits. Like Learn amazon route53, use Letsencrypt and multi servers, some problems with delays. I keep tow separate database but I give extra work to make a double work on BO. Now I want to change it. Sync it maybe try Master-Slave or something else. Have you run for longer time using one database as master and others like slave? Any further info or experiences after few years later after the article https://thirtybees.com/blog/thirty-bees-scalability/ ? What are your performances after few years of using Master Slaves? Any problems, loose of data?
  12. @datakick is there card animation in the newest module like in olders?
  13. I was doing some reaserch and I think that it depends of using of the paypal. https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/psd2?utm_campaign=A_Elq_UK_201901_2773_B2B_PSD2_HSS_Email1_UK_en_GB&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua&elq_cid=15018799 As long as you do not use a Direct to Paypal Button in the product section and only offer Paypal at checkout as payment method, everything's fine. For example https://docs.thirtybees.com/native-modules/paypal/ Website Payments Plus By enabling this option you will see a new (iframed) payment button on your checkout page. In my thinking when everything is redirected to Paypal website will be OK, no action required as everything will be deal by Paypal side. Problem is where there is no redirection from the show and payment is made from website, here update is needed. I am not 100% sure so please correct me when I am wrong.
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