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  1. @datakick is there card animation in the newest module like in olders?
  2. I was doing some reaserch and I think that it depends of using of the paypal. https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/psd2?utm_campaign=A_Elq_UK_201901_2773_B2B_PSD2_HSS_Email1_UK_en_GB&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua&elq_cid=15018799 As long as you do not use a Direct to Paypal Button in the product section and only offer Paypal at checkout as payment method, everything's fine. For example https://docs.thirtybees.com/native-modules/paypal/ Website Payments Plus By enabling this option you will see a new (iframed) payment button on your checkout page. In my thinking when everything is redirected to Paypal website will be OK, no action required as everything will be deal by Paypal side. Problem is where there is no redirection from the show and payment is made from website, here update is needed. I am not 100% sure so please correct me when I am wrong.
  3. Hello, does Paypal module is updated due to Strong Customer Authentication - SCA like stripe module?
  4. is it make sence to update module now or wait for new updates?
  5. So basically 13 of 15 EU contries extent the time when new regulation will be introduced?
  6. UK’s FCA delays, what about other countries? It does not say whole EU will delay the process, only UK which will leave EU (probably). When other countries will not deley the new law please not that if you sell in EU not only in UK anyway you will have problems with payments.
  7. I think all payments which are or will be made in Europe. It may be enforcement like GDPR regulation to other countries who have EU customers. Some info regards Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/psd2
  8. Great!! Is it module available now? What about other payment modules and new regulations? Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) it is new European regulation. Starting 14 September.
  9. Hello, Which payment gateways do you recommend for shop selling products globally. Majority is EU and USA. This is general question not about supported modules by TB. Paypal, stripe, something else? Please write your experiences. Where you sell and which payment methods customers uses in general.
  10. May you add also https://stripe.com/docs/recipes/sending-emails-for-failed-payments ??
  11. On 14 September 2019, a new European regulation called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will introduce two-factor authentication requirements for many online payments in Europe. We expect this regulation to be enforced in the UK regardless of the outcome of Brexit. Payments that aren’t authenticated will be declined by your customers’ banks. We’ve released a new payments API and SCA-ready products to help you prepare for this change. To get ready for these new rules and avoid having payments declined, you’ll need to make changes to your payment flows and Stripe integration by 14 September 2019. Read our docs to learn more about SCA and the required changes. email from stripe
  12. michael

    Stripe error MAC

    weird error, payment done but there was no order in BO
  13. michael

    Stripe error MAC

    Hello, Have anyone MAC and can test it with Firefox? I noticed some problem with MAC users. I need use some VM to test, but maybe some of you have MAC and can test.
  14. I would be nice if you could add this feature to stripe: https://stripe.com/docs/recipes/sending-emails-for-failed-payments
  15. Hello, There is a news from Stripe: Strong Customer Authentication is a new European regulation coming into effect on September 14, 2019, which will require additional authentication for many online payments. You can learn more about SCA and the latest regulatory requirements in our guide, or in our upcoming webinar on March 27, 2019. Read our guide to learn more about what to expect from SCA March 19, 2019 source: https://stripe.com/blog/strong-customer-authentication-mar-2019 https://stripe.com/guides/strong-customer-authentication similar thing is regards Paypal and other payment gateways: https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/psd2 added: Currently, the most common way of authenticating an online card payment relies on 3D Secure—an authentication standard supported by the vast majority of European cards. Applying 3D Secure typically adds an extra step after the checkout where the cardholder is prompted by their bank to provide additional information to complete a payment (e.g., a one-time code sent to their phone or fingerprint authentication through their mobile banking app). 3D Secure 2—the new version of the authentication protocol rolling out in 2019—will be the main method for authenticating online card payments and meeting the new SCA requirements. This new version introduces a better user experience that will help minimise some of the friction that authentication adds into the checkout flow. Other card-based payment methods such as Apple Pay or Google Pay already support payment flows with a built-in layer of authentication (biometric or password). These can be a great way for businesses to offer a frictionless checkout experience while meeting the new requirements. https://stripe.com/guides/strong-customer-authentication?utm_campaign=scamar2019&utm_source=blog&utm_medium=stub I don't see the modul support 3d secure 2. https://stripe.com/guides/3d-secure-2 Will you add support for 3d secure 2? Some more info: VISA and MasterCard will be mandating that the new version of 3D Secure (version 2.0) should be in place for issuers and merchants by April 2019 in preparation for the mass adoption in September 2019. https://www.barclaycard.co.uk/business/news-and-insights/guide-to-strong-customer-authentication
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