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  1. My solution for this issue is quite simple -- add this css code to /admin-dev/themes/default/css/overrides.css #nav-sidebar { overflow-y: auto; }
  2. Enable Advanced Parameters > Performance > Profiling. This should tell you where the bottlenecks are. @lesley could you look into that?
  3. It's ok if opcache extension is forbidden -- every usage in the core is conditional, there's a check that this functionality exists if (function_exists('opcache_invalidate')) { ... } The problem here is that it exists, but is crippled by some security restriction. That's weird. If thirtybees can't invalidate opcache entries, and opcache is actually in use, that might cause strange errors during code updates, as your server might still effectively use old version of php files.
  4. Not relevant. You have enabled compatibility warnings, so all usage of deprecated methods are reported. To get rid of these, remove define('_PS_DISPLAY_COMPATIBILITY_WARNING_', true); from your /config/defines_custom.inc.php or /config/defines.inc.php files Not core issue. You have installed some module that registered hookModuleRoutes hook, but the hook did not return array. You will need to fix that module Looks like server settings issue -- its not possible to invalidate opcache. Talk to your hosting provider and ask why is OPcache api restricted.
  5. This error occurs because your browser user User Agent string is too large (129 characters) and database column can store only 128 characters. Current version of thirtybees silently ignores this, and database automatically truncate the string to 128 chars. In this particular case it's not really important, because who uses this field, right? But in general, this silent truncation is a bad thing, because it can lead to unwanted data loss. The question is what the right fix should look like we can increase column size for this field in CustomerMessage object model we can do explicit truncation as @yaniv14 suggested (probably better to use multibyte version of substr function) or we could introduce some new Object Model Field meta information to inform core that it's OK to automatically truncate the field, something like 'user_agent' => ['type' => self::TYPE_STRING, 'size' => 128, 'truncate' => true], I personally think #3 solution should be implemented.
  6. This is responsibility of Krona module. This option is does not work retroactively. When review is created, customer display name is saved into database, and is used forever. The *Default customer name* option just tells Revws module how to generate default value, so your customers don't need to enter their names. But it's only a default value, they can still change the display name to whatever they want, and it will be used. The email displays all products in order. One product is considered primary -- the most expensive one, and name of this product is used in email title. The email contains hover-able stars that are displayed if the email client supports it. Some email clients blocks images, css or other browser functionality - for these the stars are not displayed, but it fallbacks to simple links 1 2 3 4 5 That's revwsrecent - Recent Reviews Free module
  7. Thanks. I was able to reproduce and fix will be part of the next release
  8. I don't know either. I'm afraid this is the generic issue caused by prestashop / thirtybees not enforcing any public api for themes. Anyway, I'll probably get rid of this font-awesome based icon, and replace it with svg icon that will be part of chex distribution. This way, I can be sure it will work on every theme. And if anyone want to use font-awesome icons, they still can achive it using css. Meanwhile, I suggest you to declare .icon-remove class in the same way Panda theme declares .icon-cancel.
  9. Of course, it can still be overridden. But it was moved to file review-average.tpl because it is shared with multiple hooks
  10. You'll need to look into your server's error logs to see what is the root cause
  11. Another bugfix release 0.6.2 has just been released: Display full product name on hover - useful when product name is truncated Keep ajax cart widget in sync with chex Fixed incorrect message that was displayed when no carrier was selected Auto select first carrier when previously chosen carrier is removed from option list Make Coupon not found message translatable Include javascript polyfill to support older browsers - on some older browsers the chex module did not run correctly because it uses modern javascript features. With polyfill in place, the module will work on older browsers as well
  12. If you PM me access credentials, I can have a look
  13. Yes, I know about this issue. Unfortunately, tb core does not provide very good api to communicate between multiple elements on the page. ajaxCart does have some api to force update, but it's not much sophisticated. To keep things in sync, it requires a lot of overhead ajax calls. But it can be done -- I'll release fix for this in the next version I can't reproduce this. This works ok for me. You can have a look at this video (it also shows the remove icon) Thankfully this is easy, as we can use native <div title='title'> attribute. This will be part of the next version This is already there - see the video above. It uses 'icon icon-remove' class -- maybe your theme does not have these classes defined Good idea. I'll look into it
  14. edit override file, and change signature of Cart::getDeliveryOptionList method from current public function getDeliveryOptionList() { $carriers = parent::getDeliveryOptionList(); to public function getDeliveryOptionList(Country $defaultCountry = null, $flush = false) { $carriers = parent::getDeliveryOptionList($defaultCountry, $flush); The signature (and parent::getDeliveryOptionList) must match the signature in CartCore class
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