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  1. datakick

    Analytics tools

    More and more users blocks google analytics nowadays. With self-hosted tracking tool the situation is much better as it's hard(er) for blockers to detect and block it. So, I'd say that self-hosted Matomo will give you more precise data. Still not 100% accurate, but better than GA. But it's not really that important. We are not using these tools to look at transactional data, we are using it to look at aggregated data. And from this point of view, data collected by GA will have very similar characteristics as data collected by Matomo. For me, the real question is which solution offers better tools to analyze collected datasets.
  2. You should look what is in ajax response -- open browser javascript console, switch to network tab, and find the request that loads the rule. On related note: I can see something strange on your frontoffice: Those rnrnrnrn characters shouldn't be there. They probably meant to be \r\n characters -- linebreak. You should find the source of this unwanted output and fix it. It is quite likely that this will fix your conseqs issue as well (but maybe not)
  3. datakick

    thirty bees 1.1.0 Preview

    With new version of tb there comes new version of smarty, which changes how things works sometimes. In old version of smarty, $carrier variable would hold value of last item after the {foreach} cycle has ended. So the original template code worked, but it just Delivery time for the last carrier in the list only. New version of smarty works the same, *unless* $carrier variable is defined before the {foreach} cycle starts. If $carrier variable already existed in global scope, then after {foreach} cycle ends, the original value is recovered. With this changed semantics the template no longer works. I'm not sure what the intention of this code in this template was. But it looks very likely that @yaniv14 is right, and that author really meant to do show delivery time for all carries. So to fix this particular case, we can use yaniv's proposed fix - this would change template output, but that's probably correct rename iteration variable from $carrier to something else. This would keep the template output the same I vote for #1
  4. This kind of error happens when ajax response contains some extra text. This is often the case when you have enabled debug mode, and there is some php warning or notice. I have retested this on my server, and I don't have the same problem. So it's probably some issue on your server
  5. datakick

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    Revws module expected image type home to exists. If it does, it should work, even for legacy mode. Anyway, this is the code that would need to be updated
  6. datakick

    Factor's Corner

    Great to have some SysAdmin aboard, that's another group of problems this forum can help with now!
  7. I've just released new version 0.4.0 PACKAGE REPOSITORY There are some automations that almost every merchant using my module created. For example, everyone created their own version of reward for review rule. Even though rule creation process is very simple and easy to understand, this repetition seems unnecessary. So I decided to come up with list of prepared solutions that you can simply import to your store and modify. You will find new tab named Packages that will let you browse through packages stored on central repository. At the moment there are only few packages, but I'll add more. Also, if you create some cool automation, please export it, and send it to me. After careful validation and verification, I will add it to the repository. This needs to be manual process to prevent any hacking attempt NEW CONDITIONS There are two new conditions you can use to build your rules starts with - evaluates to true if text starts with specific prefix ends with - evaluates to true if text ends with specific suffix
  8. datakick

    Elastic Search module

    Nobody is abandoning this module. If there's something broken in the module, it will be fixed. In the same way bugs are fixed in other modules. But that doesn't necessarily mean that new functionality will be implemented. For example, support for newer version of ES server. It would be nice to have, of course, but there's just no free capacity to do that. Now, what is wrong with the module that needs to be fixed? I haven't seen any new bug reports. If you did encounter any, please file github issue. Make sure you include reprosteps so we can reproduce the problem.
  9. datakick

    Elastic Search module

    I'm not sure if this module is worth the trouble. I mean, it can be extremely useful for anyone with huge amount of products, but it's not for an ordinary merchants. I believe there is less than 5% of the tb community that actually have needs for it. And these merchants can usually afford to purchase some commercial alternative, one that comes with support. Or they can hire developer to set this module for them. I'm not against another crowdfunding project, but it would be better if it was something useful for entire community. Maybe some advanced order editing module, dran'n'drop cms page builder, shortcode system to use in html editor, or whatnot.
  10. datakick


    I think the problem is in the highlighted section -- there's no src attribute in this <script> tag, so the whole snippet doesn't do anything. It just declares few variables, but doesn't utilize them in any way
  11. datakick

    TB Customer Referral Program module not working

    That will happen only *after* referred customer make some purchase.
  12. datakick

    Warehouse homepage generator

    You didn't say if you updated thirtybees recently
  13. New version 1.0.4 of the beesblog module has been released. There's a new feature that allows you to associate blog post with products. I personally find it quite handy 🙂
  14. datakick

    TB Customer Referral Program module not working

    This happens when you try to add email address that has already been added. That's not a bug, it's a feature 🙂 But I guess the error message should be more clear about this
  15. I have no problems creating orders from back office