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  1. datakick

    Datakick - Field "Customer group" available?

    You didn't say what data you want to list. If it's customers, then there's "Default group ID" field -- default customer field. You can also join-in Customer group table and filter on fields from customer group itself. Here's a video that shows how to create UI filter for customer group:
  2. datakick

    Strong Customer Authentication - SCA

    - test cards can be used in test environment only. If you use production client id/secret, stripe will of course decline it. - regarding error -- check that database table <PREFIX>_stripe_review exists and contains all required columns CREATE TABLE `tb_stripe_review` ( `id_stripe_review` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `id_order` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL, `status` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `id_review` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `id_payment_intent` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `id_charge` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `captured` tinyint(1) DEFAULT NULL, `test` tinyint(1) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id_stripe_review`) )
  3. datakick

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    New free version 1.2.0 has been released Premium version 2.2.0 with the same features + additional functionality (give coupon discounts for review) will be released in a few days. FEATURES Allow multiple review - there is new settings option that allows customers to review the same product multiple times Show images in review list - attached images are now displayed directly in review list, so employee don't miss them when approving reviews BUGFIXES fixed PHP warning when loading entities Added nofollow attribute to login link to prevent google complaints
  4. datakick

    Help me develop killer One Page Checkout module

    New version 0.4.0 has just been released New functionality - Persistent storage for entry form - customers can now leave checkout or refresh the page, and the data they have already entered will be recovered - Ability to remove products from cart, or edit their quantities Bugfixes - fixed problem with displaying payment name in collapsed mode - display placeholder when no shipping / payment is available
  5. datakick

    cron jobs Last execution

    Make sure you have latest version 2.2.0 installed. Then reset the module -- that will generate new token without any weird characters
  6. datakick

    URLs in mails broken in 1.10 (multistore)

    Thanks for reporting this. The fix has been implemented. You can forward your store to 1.1.x bleeding edge using core updater and test it
  7. datakick

    cron jobs Last execution

    What approach are you using - curl or php? What happens when you copy and paste the url to the browser?
  8. datakick

    Customer password when Admin Created

    Wait for this enhancement to be implemented: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1017
  9. datakick

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    Interesting. I've just tried to install transformer theme, and for me images were created correctly: @Occam what version of transformer are you using? Could you attach theme's config.xml file?
  10. datakick

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    Are you saying that the rendered page contains the same html and css code, yet browser displays it differently?
  11. I have tried on my local installation running 1.1.0 to create many features: 356 features 201332 default feature values 604002 feature value lang This is much more features than you have (according your first post). The product page is indeed sluggish -- the readystatechange event handler run for 3 seconds, and the page is non-responsive until this finishes. Moreover, switching to Features tab takes 4 seconds, even after the page loads. This was on chrome. When I tested on Firefox, I got worse measurements - it took 8 seconds to open features tab. The same results are in 1.0.8. So (unfortunately), this is nothing new. It's indeed inherited limits of thirtybees platform. When I tried with the less features (180 features, 4800 default feature values) it worked quite fast, thought. There was some performance degradation, but it wasn't really noticeable. My initial investigation shows that the problem is in huge amount of DOM nodes. Basically, for every feature and every feature value, DOM nodes are created and inserted into the page. Browser can't handle so many of them on one page. There is no quick fix -- the product page needs to be reworked to use some data lazy-loading (Instead of displaying 200k DOM nodes upfront, we would only display 356 features and load feature value only when necessary via ajax). But, unfortunately, this is a big change. It's not realistic to expect it anytime soon. Sorry for the bad news
  12. If you are on a test/dev account, use core updater to downgrade back to 1.0.8. Then test if the product page works ok, or not. This will tell if your problems are related to 1.1.0 version, or if you've hit limits of thirtybees platform.
  13. datakick

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    The issue is very well understood, and it was explained few times already. The problem is that the ps16 default theme (and most of the themes that derives from it, including Transformer, Panda, Community Theme, and Niara) contains a bug. This bug seems to be present in the code from the very beginning, and it looks something like this (pseudocode) {foreach $list as $item} ... // work with $item variable inside the loop is ok, as we are in the scope ... {/foreach} .... // access $item variable should not work, because we are outside the loop scope $item->doSomething(); Basically, original theme developer accessed variable after the loop ended, even though this variable *should't* exists anymore. It was declared in foreach loop, and the loop should be its scope. Unfortunately, older version of smarty allowed this operation -- the variable pointed to the last item in the $list. I believe that this should be considered bug in smarty engine (and that's probably why they fixed it). Because of this, the theme somewhat worked, even though it didn't displayed data correctly (in our case it displayed delivery time for the last carrier only, other carriers were displayed without delivery delay information) Thirtybees 1.1.0 upgraded smarty from version 3.1.19 to 3.1.31. This move was really necessary. The 3.1.19 version was already 5 years old, and it was reporting deprecation warnings on php 7.1/7.2. It would stopped working on future php versions. The upgrade was long due, and should have been made much sooner. The side effect of this upgrade is that this bug that our themes depends on is has been fixed. Now, it's hard to fix this issue from the core, mainly because there is nothing wrong in the core itself. The problem is, and always was, in the themes. Thirtybees team localized, and fixed this problem in the themes they own (niara and community-default). But it's not possible (well, it's possible, but very hard) to fix it in the third party code. This is the first *big* compatibility issue I've seen in this project. These are bound to happen sometimes, and it hurts. But rest assured that thirtybees team is trying hard to prevent this, unless absolutely necessary.
  14. datakick

    thirty bees 1.1.0 is released!

    It is possible there was a bug in previous versions of tb regarding this 'Never recompile template files' option. If it's true, it only emphasise the uselessness of this option. While it can save few nanoseconds on every request, it can cause plenty of headaches